O’Charley’s reopens after carbon monoxide leak

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- O'Charley's restaurant on Landover Road reopened for lunch Saturday after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected the night before, causing an evacuation.

Emergency responders detected the carbon monoxide and the call came in at 8:34 p.m., according to Greensboro Fire Department Assistant Chief Bryant Staples.

Emergency personnel were called after employees complained of feeling sick. Four employees went home throughout the day and 11 employees were taken to the hospital.

No customers are being treated, but they were evacuated from the building as well as the employees.

Fire Department personnel are trying to locate the source of the carbon monoxide leak and believe it may have originated somewhere in the kitchen.

Fire officials told FOX8 when carbon monoxide levels get to 35 it is "alarming." The carbon monoxide levels in O'Charley's on Friday were up to 400.

Greensboro Fire Department, Guilford County EMS, Greensboro Police and a HazMat team responded.


  • FaithC

    People were getting sick through out the day and they waited until 8:34pm to call anybody? I guess no matter what they had to make their money for the day. A few sick employees is no great sacrifice.

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