Sinaloa drug cartel a major problem in Alamance County

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- A deadly shooting in Green Level Sunday is shedding light on a bigger problem in the Piedmont.

"Nobody wanted to admit that we had a drug problem here until it hit home. Now, it has grown so big that it’s unbelievable in our county," said Sheriff Terry Johnson.

Investigators say the Sinaloa Cartel is behind the murder. Johnson says the cartel is based in Colombia with drug trades through Mexico.

Over the years, they've left a trail of drugs, money and homicides in Alamance County, which is why the area has been classified by the federal government as one of the 28 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas in the country.

"Alamance County is a drop off point for narcotics simply because of its geographical location in the southeast, and its interstate routes as well as secondary routes," said Johnson.

It doesn't help that there is a smaller law enforcement presence compared to bigger counties. That's why officials say the cartel hides huge amounts of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine in stash houses around Alamance County and then transports it to the Northeast and Midwest.

In the past few years, the DEA seized millions of dollars of drugs and convicted nearly 100 traffickers in the area.

However, Sheriff Johnson says they've just scratched the surface.

"I don’t care what anybody says. We have got to take care of the problem," said Johnson.

He says more man power is not an option, so he'll be using the resources he has to focus on problem areas in the county.

"We’re going to be running some people out of this county. If they want to deal dope, they’re going to have to deal it someplace else," said Johnson.


  • Judith Daniels

    The North Carolina government KNEW at least 6 yrs. past or more that Alamance count had the highest number of illegal immigrants in the state. Why is it that ICE or the SBI didn’t do anything about this? This is our own governments fault or shortcomings!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Your right Judith seems I remember somes years back Sheriff Johnson said Alamance county didn’t have a gang problem. Unless these lowlifes are delt with and I mean HARSHLY, the problem will never go away. The citizens of the county should think about Taking these POS’s out permanently whenever possible and legal.

  • Ben dover

    The additional revenue will initially amount to $67 million a year, with $27.5 million of it designated to build schools, state (co) tax officials say.

  • mgarrett60

    “Investigators say the Sinaloa Cartel is behind the murder.”

    No, the American government is behind this and thousands more murders and worse. As long as drugs are illegal, this kind of stuff will continue. It happened with the No. 1 drug, alcohol, during prohibition and it’s happening the same with other drugs. This is 100% the American government’s fault.

    • FaithC

      So are you saying we should make all drugs legal? Marijuana, no big deal but cocaine and methamphetamine…really? You think these should be legal?

      • mgarrett60

        Yes. Only actions should be illegal. How could you possibly outlaw a plant that the vast majority of people believe that God put here for our use? Bibles have been used to kill millions of people, should they be outlawed, or should the action of the people who use it to kill?

  • dobydog1

    thank the open borders people. I can see now why the county was sued for discriminating against hispanics. it seems to be the first step in intimidating law enforcement. alamance county could be on its way to total lawlessness like mexico.

    • John

      Not as long as law abiding citizens of this county own weapons. My advice to these pos’s stay out of east Burlington you just might get more than you barganed for!

    • Annoyed

      If the sheriff would spend less time making ignorant statements to the media, and more time doing his job???????? I love the severity of the problem, but the sheriff smirks and smiles in the interview. I was waiting for him to beat his fist on the desk, run outside, round up his hillbilly boys and round up some “taco eaters” as he would say. Miserable excuse for a sheriff, spends too much time worrying about who enjoys tacos and nachos. The reason this problem is “so intense” is because your sheriff is busy rounding up all hispanic folks. Vote in a more educated sheriff, one that will seek out drug dealers regardless of race. It is APPARENT that Mr.Johnson’s style of policing DOES NOT WORK to benefit the county.

  • It's poop again

    Hmmm, I thought the DOJ has said that we shouldn’t spend anytime or attention on the Hispanics in Alamance County. Of course we shouldn’t set up any sort of checking stations near the areas where they live. That would be profiling.

  • The Truth

    Terry Johnson has had 10+ years in office to clean up the county. When will people blame the correct party? BLAME the sheriff and his good ole boy personal agenda for real work not being done. Seems like he missed the boat on this. How sad that the people of Alamance County are mislead by such a man.I say time for a NEW SHERIFF, out with the old and in with the new. Clean up the county or get a new job, you have failed miserably at being the sheriff.

  • mimilll

    Actually NC has a lot of problems. It seems like there is a lot of *CORRUPTION AND COVER UP* in NC……so it is NOT only in Alamance County. It seems like in NC law enforcement think they have a right to push their way into a 3rd party residence WITHOUT the homeowners’ permission OR WITHOUT OBTAINING A SEARCH WARRANT. This is violation of US Constitutional Rights. What makes it OK that law enforcement thinks it is right to do this?????? Just because they CAN AND GET BY WITH IT or is it because THEY HAVE A BADGE AND A GUN?????? People who are SUPPOSED TO ENFORCE THE LAWS should ALSO FOLLOW THEM AS WELL. Perhaps this is why so many INNOCENT PEOPLE GET INDICTED, TRIED AND CONVICTED of crimes that they DID NOT DO. This will eventually COST NC LOTS OF MONEY….it is time for people who are involved in such to be held ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for what they do.

  • bere

    How is it that the cartel killd the mexican guy when it was a blach men who killd the guy….last thing i saw in the new about terry was that he was involved with drug traffican…so I think we need a new lier in his spot

  • Thedork

    @Mimi where in the H*ll do you get your information from? That’s the dumbest thing that I have ever seen anyone write. Law enforcement must have a warrant before forcefully entering a residence. Secondly, it isn’t like the MOVIES warrants can be obtained in under 5 minutes!

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