Families spend New Year’s Day on the slopes at Sugar Mountain

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AVERY COUNTY, N.C. -- With many people off work today, quite a few traveled up to the mountains for a day of skiing or snowboarding.

At Sugar Mountain Resort, people enjoyed the day hitting the slopes with family and friends.

The Benjamin family, from Panama City, Fla., traveled to North Carolina for a week of vacation.

"We just love seeing snow," high school student Anna Benjamin said. "In Florida, you don't see snow every day. You don't get to go out and snowboard and ski."

While Sugar Mountain is making snow, Marketing Director Kim Jochl said they would love to see some real snow this week.

"Snowfall is always great for a ski area; skiers love it and people off the mountain really love it too because they realize that there's snow in the mountains and the ski conditions are going to be really good," she said.

13-year-old Liza Read is enjoying the snow -- something she doesn't see too often in Richmond, Va. "It's like a winter wonderland."

But while the ski slopes are the main attraction, many people like Kirsten Benjamin say they're just enjoying spending time with family.

"At home we're always in our own little room; we're never together. Here we just get to spend time with our family. It's great," Benjamin said.

Chad Cooke, from Lake Norman, agrees. "It's great family time," he said. "You can't think of any better thing to do than do something with your entire family."

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