Bus drivers disciplined for praying, ‘misusing’ equipment

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HOUSTON -- A group of school bus drivers in Houston have been disciplined for "misusing" 2-way radios to pray for a fellow bus driver who lost her 12-year-old in a car accident.

A few weeks ago, the 12-year-old girl died in a car accident in Houston. The girl's mother is also a HISD bus driver. Some of her fellow bus drivers decided to pray for her over their 2-way radios.

“This was the only thing we could do to support one another,” said Debra McDonald. “By praying to God.”

The drivers said they prayed for about 5 minutes and then continued their routes. Later that day, they received a write-up accusing them of violating district policy.

According to the bus drivers, they only turned to their radios to pray after a supervisor refused to provide them with a quiet room and a counselor to talk things over with. But the school district released a statement citing policy that said; “All radio communications are to be used for HISD purposes only, to ensure the safety of students and employees.”

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  • Cat

    That should have read: God will prevail. And to Faith, you need to change your name because it’s not representative of who you really are.

  • kathy

    This world is so afraid of what Faith can do.Our people who say they don’t believe are afraid because they know the power of God,just chose to go against this great love.I am so glad they only got disciplined and not fired.But keep standing for the Lord and what He is capable of.

  • dewey

    I don’t believe, I’m not afraid and yet I can still love a select few in humankind….our belief in a higher deity, and why does it always have to be male, limits us from rational thought….they should have just done this at a McDonalds or something, there was no need to do it over the radio, even though there was no harm done. Again, if the bible is sooooo right, where are my dinosaurs, you know those fossils we can dig up…I usually don’t agree with Faith, but I gotta stand in her corner on this one…BTW, all you christstains (misspelled purposely) sure did come down on someone for not looking at this the same way you all did

  • Suzi

    “Policy” is great…but compassion & understanding should ALWAYS trump “policy”…The writers of these policies are the same ones who have suspension as a punishment for kissing another kindergartener (sexual harrassment) & forming a gun shape with your hand (weapons at school)…

  • Learnthelaw

    Does no one read the employee hand books where they work? How many stories do we need to read about employees not following rules then acting like it’s ok because they were involved in a religious act ? Practice what ever you like but if you have a job follow the dang rules.

  • John

    They were in a situation that could definitely use prayer. This is stupid, firing someone for praying. Atheists and libs are ruining this country. Parents and citizens need to cause a stink until these people get their jobs back. One line of thought in is that these folks lost their jobs is because they were discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. Use it.

  • sherry dixon

    I can’t believe what this country had come to. You can’t pray or say Merry Christmas without offending somebody. This really offends me.We all need to stand up for OUR rights. Prayer is the greatest of all and we all need it. Keep praying and if it offends anyone…quit listening. Some day you will need prayers and I hope people find it in their hearts to even pray for you.

  • Cyrina Wilkerson

    If they were Muslims or of any other faith beside Christian they would not have been written up, time for us white folk and Christian folk to place the race card just like everyone else

  • Tee

    I wonder how many conversations have taken place over that radio that were not job related and they were not written up. Now because it’s prayer it’s a problem. Stuff like this kills me. If there is really nothing to Christianity why do so many fight it???

  • shawn

    I feel the prayer could have been done anywhere. It did not need to be done over the radio. I am a bus driver also and they could have prayed in the drivers room or parking lot, anywhere. Those radios are not only heard by the fellow bus driver, they are heard and used by the schools and administration. As far as the christians.are conserned, this should not be about religious rights but about school safty. My heart goes out to the family that lost their child, but how would you feel if there was a serious problem in one of the Schools and they were unable to use the radio because bus drivers choose to use it to pray over for 5 minutes. How many potential lives could be lost when this could be done amywhere than over the radio.

  • CSM

    I am Christian and lost two close family members on a Christmas Eve to a drunk driver. I understand the pain and the power of prayer to help you get past such a horrible life-event. That being said, the prayer doesn’t seem to be the issue here, using the radio was. I doubt God wants to be used as a scapegoat for a bad decision even if their hearts were in the right place. Just maybe God’s will or his intervention was the reason they just got wrote up instead of fired or suspended. Not knowing all the facts makes it hard to tell but if the safety of my child was compromised for one second because of this I would be quite upset.

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