More than 34 pounds of marijuana seized in Whitsett

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WHITSETT, N.C. — Gibsonville, Elon and Elon campus police arrested two men following the seizure of more 34 pounds of marijuana and more than $53,000 in cash on Monday.

The drugs and money were seized from a residence located in the 500-block of Hawthorne Ridge Drive.

The joint operation conducted by the three departments resulted in the arrests of Vincent Lamar Atwater, of Whitsett, and James Rotan-Lenoir Hairston, of Hillsborough.

According to Gibsonville police, both men face charges including level one trafficking of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to sell/deliver, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances, manufacturing marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and a concealed firearm violation.

Atwater was issued a $15,000 secured bond. Hairston was issued a $5,000 secured bond.

Both men were placed in the Guilford County Jail.


  • mgarrett60

    Wow. Marijuana goes on sale tomorrow for recreational use in Colorado and this backwards state is spending thousands upon thousands of tax dollars to bust these people. Imagine how much violent crime these three police departments could have handled if they weren’t busy with this trifle. It’s a sad day for North Carolina.

    • Selfabsorbed

      Get your facts correct before you sound off Mgarrett60. Tax dollars are barely a resource for these investigations. It’s almost always previously seized drug money used for investigations.

      • mgarrett60

        Over 1 trillion tax dollars has been spent on the so called “war” on drugs. There’s a fact straight from your government.

  • Mr So Correct it hurts, Sr.

    Wasting our money going after a pot dealer! It’s pot! It’s not meth or coke, it’s just P.O.T. Not one person in the history of mankind has ever ever ever OD’d on POT. It’s safer than tobacco. Wake up.Light up and keep pushing them seeds in the ground everywhere, it will never be stopped!

  • 420 Associate

    It’s just a plant like apples oranges sugar. Hell 80% of these legal meds r killin ppl but they continue to pass them out like candy.

  • truth

    their names sound black, their crime is pretty serious and their bonds are only 5 and 15k…something is very fishy here!!!!!!

    • wmilloway

      It’s also illegal to perform oral sex or to have sex in any other position than missionary or for a couple to rent a room w/ out 2 beds that are at least 2 feet apart. If you want to have an argument based upon fact, let’s have it. Cigarettes, made from tobacco leaves pumped FULL of chemicals being legal & Marijuana being illegal… A natural herb, in it’s raw form, proven to cure hundreds of ailments is ridiculous!!! The money it’s costing our country to NOT legalize it is criminal & the very lawmakers should be the ones behind bars w/ astronomical bonds as THEY are stealing from us daily by ignorantly locking people up who are harmlessly making a living, possibly helping others stay off the REAL drugs & curing others of “incurable” diseases. So, the next time you’re enjoying a great night of passionate love making, make sure it’s only done so, Legally, missionary style!

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