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YouTube pranksters bring Christmas to the homeless

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The holidays can be a rough time for those who don’t have a place to call home.

But YouTube prankster Roman Atwood teamed up with others to bring Christmas morning to those in need.

Thanks to Atwood, several homeless individuals woke up to a Christmas tree and gifts of warm socks, blankets and food.


  • Roberta

    Love you guys ~ That video had sooo much heart….I am still crying such happy tears…..It’s a beautiful thing you did ~

  • Belinda

    These people weren’t being made fun of. They were getting much needed items. It was a very selfish act and more people should be so giving. The only problem I had was someone taking gifts could watch youtube. Why were they taking from the needy?

  • InAwe ofHim

    I have seen some many people come into public libraries to warm up and go on the internet there. Perhaps the guy was warming up in and entertaining himself on the internet. You never know.

    • InAwe ofHim

      Thank you by the way for sharing your Christmas morning to the needy! I love seeing their expressions, It is truly priceless.

      – Matthew 25:40. ;-)

  • Ja Livengood

    If you’ve ever watched any of Roman’s other videos, You would know this was done for all the right reasons. There was another video done by Roman and Dennis where they made a bunch of pizzas at 1 of their friends pizza shops and served the homeless. SMILE MORE :)

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