Buckley Report: Passing on Medicaid

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If you ask one side, it’s a moral issue.

If you ask the other, it’s fiscal.

In reality, it might be both. The Affordable Care Act asks – but doesn’t demand – that states expand their Medicaid programs to cover, in the case of North Carolina, a half million more people. Medicaid is the joint program between the states and federal government that provides healthcare for women, children and the poor. The program already covers one in nine North Carolinians and pays for more than half the births in the state.

Every governor since Jim Hunt has said that Medicaid is increasingly dominating the budget – crowding out other spending. The state spends billions of dollars on it and, just this year, had to add a half billion more, just to pay for cost overruns.

So why does one side of the debate say expanding it will save the state money? Answers, in this edition of the Buckley Report.


  • FaithC

    “and pays for more than half the births in the state.”

    That is because you have welfare queens and illegals popping out a baby every year to collect more and more benefits.
    The middle class foots the bill now, and we will later when these kids end up in prison.

  • dobydog1

    if half of all births in NC are paid for by medicaid, it looks like there are other problems that need to be looked at. if you can not afford to have children who should not expect other people to pay for them. maybe it is time to look at reform of the welfare system. example make it a fixed amount. no raises for new kids. make it temporary like unemployment. also maybe it is time to go after baby daddies.

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