Triple shooting in Winston-Salem, one dead

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- One person is dead and two are injured after a triple shooting in Winston-Salem Thursday night.

Alspaugh Drive (WGHP)

Alspaugh Drive (WGHP)

The shooting happened in the area of 572 Alspaugh Drive around 11 p.m.

Officers responded to the area and found Bryant Deon Williams, 28, of 212 Craft Drive, Winston-Salem, shot to death inside his 2010 Ford Escape.

Officers say the incident occured while Williams was driving down Alspaugh Drive. The vehicle came to rest in the front yard of 531 Alspaugh Drive after hitting some shrubbery.

The windows were shot out of the vehicle and Williams was found dead inside.

His passengers were also shot in the incident.

Razjay Dion Banner, 29, of 212 Craft Drive, Winston-Salem, and Ronnie Lenard Williams Jr., 24, of 436 S. Sunset Drive, Winston-Salem, were taken to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say both men were passengers in the same vehicle as Williams.

Banner suffered a gunshot wound to the left arm and was treated and released.

Ronnie Williams was shot in the left knee and was taken to surgery. He is currently in stable condition.

No arrests have yet been made in the incident.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information concerning this incident is requested to contact the Winston Salem Police Department at 773-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 727-2800.

This is the second homicide in a week for Winston-Salem and the 15th for the year, which is twice as many as this time last year.

(WGHP) SUV W-S police say a 28 y-o man was found shot to death inside of on Alspaugh Drive.

(WGHP) SUV W-S police say a 28 y-o man was found shot to death inside of on Alspaugh Drive.


    • thomas

      The bad thing is, the powers-that-be (Allen Joines and the rest of the liberals who have run W-S into the ground in recent years) mock and scorn the 1950s-a time when I’m sure nightly home invasions, drive by shootings, and robberies/assaults at nursing homes did not occur nor would have been tolerated. But I guess this is “progress”, as Rachel Maddow profiled earlier this year, in Winston-Salem after years of liberal lunatics running things in a once-safe and once-vibrant city. So happy I chose to leave the Twin Cities in the last year!

      • Cripes A Mighty


        Do you really want to insert your politics into a thug crime story with your bias by insulting liberals? It seems obvious that you take your marching orders from Faux News, where truth gets in the way of their agenda, and yours.

        But if you must go there, lets do so. Lets remember that this act of violence reported in this story involved guns and we all know that the “conservatives” are against any type of gun control, despite who or how many get killed. Its all about Freedom they say, which is nothing more than a tagline as they do the bidding of the gun industry.

        In truth, if you want to blame a political party for out of control gun violence, you have to look no further than the Republican Party. I believe in the right to bear arms but with that comes responsibility. As far as Rachael Maddow goes, she has more integrity and honesty than the entire cast of clowns at Faux News combined.

      • Stephen Melton

        Actually MORE gun control wont work. Im not a conservative, but I assure you all you have to do is realize that gun control laws only work with the ones that will follow the law…IE: Law abiding. Make all the laws you want, if no one is willing to follow them, then they are pointless legislation.
        Look at it another way..SOMEONE shot those three, probably for no real logical reason. There are already laws on the books for that…stopped it didnt it?
        If you banned every firearm tomorrow, there would still be gun related crime, and the only ones that would be safe, would be those that are breaking the law, as the law abiding would then be defenseless.
        Want more proof more laws dont work?

        How many mass shootings where there back when you could walk into a Sears, Western Auto, or other store, and buy all the guns you wanted without permits, or background checks?

  • FaithC

    8 Years ago I went to a town meeting held to talk to the residents of Winston about gang violence. They said then they had know for the past 5 years gang violence was on the rise and they were now starting to study it.
    At he end of the meeting they asked if there were any questions…I said studying it is all well and good, but if it has been on the rise for 5 years, what were they doing now to reduce it? They looked at me like I had 6 heads and had not real answer for me.
    I knew then I would be moving out of Winston. So glad I did.
    Crime has risen there at a steady rate. I wonder what their study told them?

    • Cripes A Mighty


      Unfortunately, there are no easy answers or quick fixes to violence in any city. If someone is intent on committing a crime at any given moment, there is nothing that you can do, that I can do, the city leaders can do or the police can do. If they have access to guns and choose to use them, then there is little if anything that anyone can do to stop it.

      As a society, you have to have an entire network of things in place to help combat crime and violence. You need to have functional parents that choose to teach their children well, you need to have full time employment available so families can support themselves instead of resulting to crime, you need social welfare programs in place to help the needy of our society, and you need laws (to include gun control laws) in place that serve the public instead of serving corporations, you need politicians who work for the people instead of having politicians who are bribed by corporate money to enact laws that benefit them to the exclusion of the the public and you need a vast array of other things as well. I would also add that you need responsible news organizations that investigate and report news honestly, without a political agenda,so the the citizens can learn the honest truth about a given subject.

      The point is, you cannot just point your finger at a liberal (or conservative) and say its all his/her fault when that is the farthest thing from the truth. If you or anyone else who posts comments here were suddenly given a high political office, could you stop the violence? Could you get everyone employed? Could you rebuild broken families? Could you strike the right balance in gun control laws or would you eliminate all gun laws? Could you ensure that if a child or adult needed health care to heal them from injury or sickness, could you get them care without forcing them into bankruptcy?

      Therein lies the truth if one is inclined to look for it and be honest about it for once in their lives. For all those who call themselves Christians, what would Jesus do?

      • HaHa!

        While you protest too much about your liberal friends, if conservatives had been in charge in WS government there would have at least been consequences for actions instead of just explaining away bad behavior and looking for excuses. No consequences to crime and race baiting is what has happened to Winston-Salem. Pathetic! Gun control only keeps law abiding citizens from arming themselves. Criminals will never follow laws and always have easy access to street guns while laughing at the thought of “against the law”.

      • Cripes A Mighty


        Finally, a solution, elect more Conservatives! I never realized that it would be as simple as that. If we only had more conservatives, they could solve all these social issue’s that plague our cities.

        Too much gun crime? Elect more Republicans so they can further weaken existing gun laws. Want to stop school shootings? Just do what the NRA and many Republicans suggests and bring more guns to school, and no more children will have to die. Give em all assault rifles and safety will be restored.

        Health Insurance costs too high? Elect more Republicans so they can deregulate the health insurance industry further so costs will continue to rise instead of go down. What do Republicans say all the time? Oh yea, we don’t want the government to get in-between the patient and their doctor, and that is why Republicans in many states are passing laws that force women to succumb to new regulations and medical procedures that were previously only the concern of the woman and her doctor. You only have to look at what Governor Bob McDonald did to women in Virginia to see proof of this. Yes, elect more Republicans and the war on women will be better, as long as your not a pregnant woman who has been raped.

        Your city water supply contaminated with industrial pollutants? Elect more Republicans so they can close down the EPA, since regulations cost companies money. If we only get rid of the EPA, our environment will become cleaner and our citizens will be better protected. Personally, I can’t wait for the Koch Brothers to start fracking in my neighborhood and near my local school!

        Worried about Salmonella or E-Coli poisoning in our food supply system or tainted drugs that you count on to make you better? Elect Republicans so they can abolish the FDA and any oversight or regulation of food or drug companies that were setup to protect the public. Companies can always be trusted to self police themselves and liberals will only make these products more expensive and dangerous with regulation and standards.

        Tired of waiting in line for 5-6 hours just to vote and lose a day of work just to do vote in the first place? Elect more Republicans so they can reduce the number of polling places, reduce the number of days and hours you have to vote and eliminate early voting. Yep, that will solve the voting problem.

        Should I go on? If your honest and look at the record, it is clear who is trying to protect the citizens of this country and who is trying to protect the bottom line of corporations. As the saying goes, you are entitled to your opinion, but your not entitled to your own facts. To be honest, I’d fire every politician this country has, lock them up in prison for abusing their positions and turn this county over to the scientists to run. I’m sure they could fix most problems far more quickly and with much better results. Politicians are nothing more than liars and thieves who’s only true goal is to enrich themselves.

  • jd

    Sadly the good people in these areas are too afraid of guns to protect themselves while the trash victimize their own neighbors.

    • Stephen Melton

      Most liberals, are in favor of stricter gun control, and in the areas that they have controlled for a while, where the average law abiding citizen can not be armed, gun violence is higher statistically than in areas where its not controlled as harsh. The new numbers are out this year…gun ownership is high, and crimes actually down…in areas that allow for the public to actually defend themselves.

      • Cripes A Mighty

        Care to back up your comments with facts and statistics from sources that are not tied to the NRA, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Faux News or Sean Hannity? Just give us the facts from the Justice Department or similar institution.

        And yes, liberals do favor gun control and what the actually means is that they are in favor of non criminals owing handguns, shotguns and rifles. However, they are opposed to criminals buying weapons, buying weapons without a criminal background check and to save lives, they oppose ownership of military assault weapons with huge magazine clips.

        I’m sure you reject this simple concept and think every person in this country should have a fully automatic assault rifle, hand grenades and cruise missiles in their arsenal since that will make us all safer. I always feel safer walking through the mall when I see everyone carrying assault weapons, don’t you? You don’t know me but if you saw me at the mall or any other place with my assault weapon and let’s say 5 ammo clips strapped to my belt, you would know that I’m the good guy or a bad guy right? Will your wife and kids feel safe seeing me with my assault weapon, even though you don’t know me or my intentions right?

        Anyway, let us all know when you will present the government backed statistics on gun ownership and its impact and effect on crimes in communities across the nation. I’d also be interested in you providing some statistics of crimes that were stopped by the use of a firearm and deaths caused by accidental discharge of a weapon which we read about every day in this country.

        In the words of Jack Webb, just the facts sir…

      • Cody Long

        Cripes A Mighty Two things wrong with your logic here.

        1. Why do you ask for government backed statistics when the government is, was, and always will be the biggest liar out there? They fabricate things to push their agenda. Both sides do. In that regard, your point is invalid, however it should be noted that a lot of the school shootings and work place gun related violence has been perpetrated at schools and places that prohibit guns on the grounds, be it security or citizens.

        2. There’s a thing called Mexico. You may have heard of it. There’s a border between us and them that is virtually undefended. They bring illegal guns across the border, along with other things, and sell these things to any Tom. Roger, and Harry that has the right dough or bartering item. This circumvents any attempt by the government to control criminals or anyone wishing to fish for a good enough gun to blow people away. So putting limitations on law abiding gun owners will do absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G to curb gun violence. There’s been similar bans in the past but crime rose and later such bans were lifted.

        It has nothing to do with stats or why this guy should have a assault rifle or not because in the end it doesn’t matter. If someone wants to kill as many people as possible with a gun he or she will find that gun or other source of weaponry to do it. There is no way around it. Timothy McVeigh murdered over a hundred people without firing a single bullet. He used a massive bomb made from largely legal ingredients.

        The fact you trust the government to give you accurate facts speaks volumes about you.

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