Trash still a problem in Muddy Creek

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ARCHDALE, N.C. -- People who live near Muddy Creek say trash continues to be an issue in the area.

“I just wonder why they don't clean it up,” said Melvin Canter.

This isn’t the first time Canter has complained about the tires, plastic bottles, and basketballs floating in the water.

In February, FOX8 reported that a culvert built under Canter Road acts as a strainer for the Randleman Regional Reservoir and trash was piling up. Litter does not get pulled through the culvert, so it is left to collect along the edge of the creek.

The Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority did clean the creek up, but months later, the trash is back.

“I know other lakes have clean sweeps, but here, they keep letting it go,” said Canter.

Water authority Executive Director Greg Flory says the garbage is coming from other parts of the lake.

“People who live further upstream, they aren't the ones who drive by here every day. They aren't really thinking about the stuff that they leave in their yard. It blows around in a wind storm or a rain storm, and they don’t know where it ends up. They just know it's gone the next day,” said Flory.

Flory says until people take responsibility for their trash, the water authority is responsible for cleaning it up.

“Here it is in winter, we're not really going to send people out in waders in the lake from a safety stand point. It'll be spring before we put them back out there to clean it up,” said Flory.

Water authority officials say they will start cleaning the creek annually, and continue monitoring trash pileups the rest of the time.


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