Police investigating tire slashing spree in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Police are looking for whoever is behind a tire slashing spree. Tire slashers hit 20 cars in the last four days.

Vandals started with one car at the Walmart on North Main Street, then moved to the Emerywood neighborhood on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Thursday night, 10 movie goers came out to find their tires slashed.

Lane was in town visiting her family for the holidays and woke up the day after Christmas to go shopping with her mom to find their tires slashed.

"It put a big bummer on the day," said Lane, who had a tire slashed.

Lane had one tire slashed on her car and one on her mom's car.

"You want to go spend your money on fun things not on tires," said Lane.

Victims are having to spend anywhere from $200 to $500 dollars to fix their tires.

"Somebody just doing it to be hateful that's the only way I can describe it. There's nothing in it for anybody except for them with the thrill of getting by with it," said Dale Richardson, with High Point Tire.

Lane admits she's mad at the tire slasher and feels bad for them.

"I do feel sorry for whoever it was because obviously they had nothing better to do, maybe no family, nothing better to do than walk around popping people's tires. I feel sorry for them."

High Point Police are stepping up their patrols in the areas and looking at surveillance video.


  • FaithC

    This is not the first time this has happened in High Point. It also happened a few years ago on Christmas. It seems like people think this is fun or funny. When they are caught, they should have the tires on their car slashed and their property destroyed. See how they feel about it.

  • Cripes A Mighty

    I’d like to see 30 days jail at a work farm, restitution & damages and 100 hours of mandatory community service at the local animal shelter or homeless shelter and 2 years probation.

    • FaithC

      I agree, if they are under age and need to attend school, then they can serve the time from Friday night to Sunday night. Every weekend until the 30 days are served. Also how about making the parents do some community service right along with them if they are under age. Or make the parents pay restitution. If parents see this happening I bet they take an interest in keeping them out of trouble.

      I truly believe that if parents were held accountable for their underage children’s actions, they would take a more active role in their upbringing. Make the parents pay for the time these kids spend in detention. If they are on public assistance, then they will get their assistance cut for the time their underage children spend in detention. Some parents need to be hit in the pocketbook before they take notice.

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