‘Plus size Barbie’ sparks debate over body image

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The Barbie doll figure is once again the center of a debate thanks to an image posted on Facebook of a heavier version of the blonde bombshell.



The “plus size Barbie” is notably bigger with thicker thighs and mid-section, along with a double chin.

“So if we have plus-size women modeling clothes, why not have plus-size Barbies?”

That’s the question posed recently by Plus-Size-Modeling.com on Facebook, when the group posted an illustration of a plus-size Barbie-like doll:

Over 35,000 people have “liked” it, but many have taken issue with the doll’s so-called extreme size.

According to the Huffington Post, the image actually comes from an illustration contest on Worth1000.com, a site where artists compete in daily creative competitions.




  • Christine Miles

    I’m not sure if that sends the right message about obesity. Obesity is not healthy and this seems to makes it ok. Granted, the impossible figure of the original Barbie is not a good role model either. A happy medium of an athletic Barbie might be a better choice.

  • ldp

    This is wrong in so many ways. First off the regional Barbie isn’t proportioned correctly anyways. & this plus sized Barbie isn’t either. Plus size does not always mean supervised. Neither is teaching our girls moral purpose. Healthy is happy… not everyone’s healthy is a size 2 some may be a 10/12 which is considered healthy… its all a bunch of non sense. & since when was it ever ok for the plus sized babrie to wear the same size clothes as the skinny babrie….?? Oh wait. I see that in reality too…. msg.

  • Rdhddramaqn

    Plus sized doesn’t necessarily mean out of proportion obese shaped that. I understand where they are going but considering that the standard Barbie is so over the top out of proportion with a normal woman’s body why don’t they just start there? Most regular women are somewhere along a size 10, not 8 feet tall with giant eyes and feet so small they could not support their own weight (proportionally to a real woman). Not to mention a chest so large she would fall over and her tiny thin neck couldn’t support the weight of her enormous head :p ok so if you want to play in the real world you might want to start from scratch… But let’s get serious..she’s a doll..

  • ashley

    I understand where they an everyone else is coming from but come on people its just a doll if everyone went off of a doll we would all be screwed its a doll end of story

  • Kala Groves

    I’m a fat girl myself. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t want my daughter having either one of them solely because neither image is HEALTHY. Make a normal sized Barbie (size 8-12) and call it a day. Why does it have to go to the 2 extremes?

  • Liz

    Exactly, I’m a curvy girl; but only raised boys….so it’s not been an issue…..but having curves doesn’t always come with a double chin! Come on peeps…..

  • Ashton

    It’s a doll. Dolls don’t put that mentality of thinking on people. Societies views and constant comments in everyday life, gives children that thought. There’s different types of healthy for each body type. Why just change Barbie there are plenty of other dolls, why this doll? Why now after all the years? Other generations didn’t have such weight issues because of Barbie then.

  • Kristin

    This is so stupid. Barbie is a classic, she shouldn’t be changed just to improve adult self esteem. I’ve never once heard a child say she wants to look like Barbie, I know I never did and I was heavy growing up. It’s a toy. Not a role model.

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