Phil Robertson to return to the cast of ‘Duck Dynasty’

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Less than two weeks after his suspension from A&E’s hit show “Duck Dynasty” for anti-gay remarks, Phil Robertson has been welcomed back to the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A&E announced an indefinite suspension for Robertson on Dec. 18 following controversial anti-gay remarks he made in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Robertson was quoted in the magazine, saying, “Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong… Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

Following his suspension, many spoke out both for and against Robertson. An online position to reinstate him on the show garnered over 250,000 signatures.

An A&E statement released to The Hollywood Reporter said, in part, “… after discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

Season five of the show is slotted to begin on Jan. 15, 2014.

Read more: The Hollywood Reporter


  • FaithC

    I don’t agree with what he said, but he has the right to say it and I am glad he did not back down and become politically correct. I would have been so disappointed if he did.

    • jacesmith

      what dont you agree with?
      he says he loves all people…i say thats something pretty good that we should all agree with.
      he says he cant judge anyone….thats a good thing to agree with too.
      he says the world would be better if we all loved each other…another good thing.

      we all have things we dont like, doesnt mean we shouldnt feel that way. i dont like seeing children outside of marriage, i dont like seeing teen parents, i dont like ketchup lol…does not mean i treat anyone who does or likes those things differently, certainly does NOT mean i hate them at all, phil can not like something but have no hatred for the people who live that way. more people should be like him. not agreeing with something and hating/bashing it is very different. voicing your disagreement is a good thing. tolerance goes both ways. i can be tolerant of someones love of ketchup just like they can be tolerant of my dislike. no need for “ew gross, you eat that! sicko! im gonna puke!”
      phil never said its gross, that is repulses him, he simply said, not my cup of tea…BUT i cant judge and i would treat anyone differently. i love everyone.
      again, we need more people like him. tolerance is not a one way street. (not that i think you are intolerant or anything, just seen you dont agree with what he says and i think all he says are good things to respect in a person. love, compassion, respect, etc)

    • jliles1205

      Comment stands as posted.. the color of A&Es loyalty is green. They were stunned with the pushback by the loyal listeners (not including me) . It is doubtful that more than a tinkerbell full of lgbtabcnbcmsnbccbs persons ever watched, much less knew what a Duck Commander was,until some on the staff had their feelings hurt. Everything this guy said is in the Word.
      A&E had, what the secular world so cavalierly calls a ‘come to Jesus moment’.

      • jacesmith

        because they want to hush phil about his religion, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW THEY WERE A STRONG CHRISTIAN FAMILY WHEN THEY STARTED AIRING IT!
        they can show them praying and talking about God when its making a&e $$$$ but once they preach when it teaches, they want to shut them up. how is that right? stand by the family!! a&e realized they would loose big bucks without DD and phil, so now all of the sudden, “hallelujah! praise the lord.”
        you are so right jliles!

    • ddo1961

      he may be a redneck hick, although if you knew his background, you’d certainly know he’s not; however, there are an awful lot of charities that I’m sure are happy he has helped them with his time, effort and money. For the record, what charities for children have you donated your time, effort and finances to? Also, for the record, Phil was the number 1 quarterback in the late 60s for Lousiana Tech University. Any idea who was the 2nd stringer? Yes, Terry Bradshaw who went on to play pro at Pittsburgh. I’d be deliriously delighted to say Terry was my back-up.

      • MelodyS

        It is okay for him to bash gays? Last time I checked, he doesn’t pay their bills or keep them up. His show is fake and stupid!!!

    • Truth Hurts

      Why does it seem that everyone who got “offended” or opines that Mr. Robertson is “just an ignorant redneck” seem NOT to have READ the entire interview in GQ for themselves? Taking words or phrases OUT OF CONTEXT and piecing them together to serve the purpose of reinforcing an erroneous assumption spoonfed to a population with no motivation to learn nor an inclination towards the truth seems pitiable to me. The man was asked a direct question and gave an honest answer as to his OWN opinion and beliefs. It did NOT bash anyone nor make the comparisons as some deceitful persons and media outlets have spread as the “truth” about what Mr. Robertson said. The article, in its entirety, is available online. Read it for yourself before regurgitating what you have been “told” that it says.

  • Kim Bush

    I will go back to watching Duck Dynasty now that Phil is allowed to return to the show. As well as my other A&E programs. I am so Happy, Happy, Happy that they made the right decision to bring him back.
    It shows that some companies still believe in freedom of speech and our Amendment Rights. and you don’t have to always be Politically Correct in this world to be right.

  • Ms Hollywood

    I’m so thrilled to know that “online positions” exist! Everyone has a position on issues now-a-days. It’s good to know that they’re online now, too. However, next time, let’s take some action and start an “online petition.” Proofread, Fox 8. Proofread.

  • Diane Purcell

    DD marathon – lots of public attention on the show – yup – a win for A&E. He said day one he’s a redneck bible thumper – how anyone could’ve been surprised, I’ll never know. Just more media nonsense. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean there are no consequences and that’s what happened. But it’s a high paying show for the network..they’re not dumb about it.

  • HT

    A&E learned that they were going to lose A LOT of money!!! If I were Phil I would have told them to shove it, and went with another TV station. But I love the family and I WILL continue to stand behind them! Can’t wait for the new season!!

      • alessandra

        @Melody, saying what you are saying to people isn’t that nice. but it’s your right to voice it. just like phil robertson has the right to voice his OWN opinion when he is asked a question. since u don’t like the show you shouldn’t watch it. then it will not offend you.

  • Kimberly

    IF this many folks would protest about taking Jesus, pledge of allegiance, and Christianity out of school.. maybe that would win too!

    • alessandra

      before we worry about Jesus and the pledge of allegiance being taken out of schools. we need to worry about the education our children are getting. the education system all over has many flaws. we as a society need to work on it and fix it. the well being of our children depend on the quality of education that they get

    • FaithC

      You do know that not every child that goes to school is not Christian and does not believe in Jesus. You do understand that there are many religions in the world and if you can not represent ALL of them in school, best to keep ALL of them out.

      • jacesmith

        faith you are so right. what if my kids were jewish? you would REALLY want a little child of 5 years old to feel so out of place, feel segregated from christian friends, be picked on? all because you want jesus in school? so you would lower a CHILDS self esteem?
        thats what they make CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS FOR! send your kids there. there are many children of all walks of life. my kids will probably attend the christian academy across the street from our home, but that does not mean i want to put jesus in the public school when i am not the parent of the other children. they are just kids. teach about jesus from home, at church, or in a christian school. dont force it on anyone else.

      • jliles1205

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…

  • CaptainObvious

    Well Kimberly as long as there are left-wing crazed idiots in this world and anti-christian like MelodyS out there, I kind of doubt it sadly.

  • Belinda Baisden

    GQ magazine needs to be sued… Phil is not the only one who has been misquoted by them… Robin Thicke also had a problem with GQ misquoting him per an interview on Oprah… looks like GQ just trying to sell magazines… WE NEED TO BOYCOTT GQ MAGAZINE!!!!

  • jacesmith

    weird how you forgot to quote in your story that he ALSO said he cant judge anyone, loves all people and would never treat anyone differently because we were all made by the almighty.
    please, quote the entire thing. tolerance goes both ways!!! he was not preaching intolerance, he was simply quoting his bible and preaching what his religion tells him. saying you love all people is not something to get suspended over. i dont like to see children outside marriage, doesnt mean i hate the people that do it and sure doesnt mean i have to be hushed about it. good for him! i knew A&E wouldnt last long, after all they want more $$$$ from their show!

  • Bigjohn

    Isaiah 5:20 KJV Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    It was wrong in Sodom and Gomorrah when Abraham got Lot out and it is just as wrong today and all the misguided media, people and money behind the homosexual movement will never make it right.

    I know someone will write in and say not to judge them. I would much rather be judged here on earth by a men and have the opportunity to repent than be judged before a holy God when it will be to late.

  • Smarterthanu

    Oh, you mindless minions…Doesn’t ANYONE realize you’ve ALL been had by the greatest PR STUNT since “new” Coke. Please people, get a clue. A+E benefits, Robertson’s benefit, GQ benefits, on and on…perfectly placed just before Christmas (so you buy more DD/DC products), before marahton of shows (gets more viewers), then simply retracted to create even more (non)controversy. Absolutely brilliant idea/scheme that was constructed by a marketing genius!!

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