Handgun accidentally discharged at Kernersville restaurant

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Police responded to a call regarding shots fired at a Kernersville restaurant Friday afternoon.

Officers were called to the Palenque Mexican Restaurant, located at 621-F N. Main St., in reference to a shot being fired shortly after 1 p.m.

Upon review of surveillance video in the restaurant it was discovered that an unknown white male was at the register attempting to pay his bill when he accidentally dropped a handgun.

Upon striking the ground, the gun discharged a round that struck the counter and a wall before going into the ceiling.

No one was injured during the incident.

An investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact the Kernersville Police Department.


  • Dave

    The reasons some idots don’t need guns! How stupid can people be. Puts a black eye on gun owners that know how to handle them.

  • Craig

    I was in the restaurant and glad there was a barrier protecting me cuz the bullet was traveling towards me. funny how everyone made it known that they had guns after the fact. I felt less safe after seeing more guns. I guess its a good thing we can have them at bars and playgrounds now to protect us from people dropping guns? I hope hey paid with a CC so they can match up the time stamp on the camera and the transaction. That would be justice.

    • Tanner Packer

      I carry a pistol into just about every place I go. This includes my home. I’ve never had an accidental discharge. Do you blame me for this? Imagine if the next handgun you see is being carried by someone who only wants to kill as many as possible. Hopefully there are responsible armed people such as me to defend the lives of those who believe as you do.

  • Mr So Correct it hurts, Sr.

    A handgun in condition (1) in your pocket…………..sounds like Darwin’s Waiting room may be about to have an empty seat!

  • Jerry Tucker

    Craig, would you feel safer if guns were only in the hands of criminals. Please stop judging the majority of responsible gun owners by the acts of one individual who clearly is not responsible enough to handle or carry a gun.

  • Travis

    People in Chicago agree with you Craig and for their opinion they only suffer from deliberate discharges of the firearm and are more dangerous than Bogota Columbia great idea.

  • DP

    Must have been a very old or very cheap gun. Gun owner and gun manufacturer are to blame. Good thing no one was hurt.

  • Klarheit

    1) older or poor quality handgun – newer, quality handguns have firing pin safeties and other features to prevent discharge if dropped.

    2) not using a decent holster, a reasonable holster fitted to the firearm prevents it from falling to the ground in the first place.

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