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Volunteers in Greensboro spend Christmas Day serving others

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It’s an act of kindness that warmed the hearts and bellies of more than one thousand people this year in Greensboro.

Volunteers at Bender’s Tavern spent the day serving hot meals to people in need.

"It makes a difference between being depressed, sitting at home and actually feeling like it's Christmas,” said Susan Drumwright.

This was Drumwright’s first Christmas meal at Bender’s Tavern.

"This was going to be a really bad Christmas. And this kind of Charity has turned it around."

Charity that’s important to the volunteers at Bender’s Tavern, who prefer to hand out more than just presents on Christmas.

"Everybody gets so caught up in what am I getting; it's more like what am I giving? And that's what I like about it,” said Bender’s Tavern owner Anna Freiberg.

This year, Bender’s Tavern set out to feed around 3,000 people in need.

"I enjoy Christmas because of what we do,” said Freiberg.

It was also a day of firsts for volunteer Wayne Odom and his wife, who are usually out of town visiting family for Christmas.

"We thought, what's a better way to celebrate Christmas than doing something for someone else?” said Odom.

For those who couldn’t make it to Bender’s Tavern on their own, shuttles ran non-stop and volunteers even made home deliveries.

A way to make sure everyone, like Susan, got a nice Christmas meal.

"Everybody is grateful and everybody is having a good time and that's all that counts,” Said Drumwright.

This is the fourth year Bender’s Tavern has helped prepare meals on Christmas. It’s a tradition started by Freiberg’s family who owned the old Hams in Greensboro.