Burlington family celebrates first Christmas after losing son

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BURLINGTON — While looking at their grandson Jackson, Terri and Dale Moore are reminded of both their joy and pain this Christmas.

"It's hard,” said Terri Moore. “It's hard every day."

It's their first time celebrating without their son Jason who died in August. He was only 29.

"You're kids are supposed to bury you,” said Dale, Jason’s father. “You're not supposed to bury you're kids."

They still remember that Saturday when they got a call that Jason went into shock after being stung by a swarm of yellow jacket bees. He hit the nest while mowing a neighbor’s lawn.

"It's just a weird freak accident, that bees could take somebody's life," Dale said.

A life remembered today through pictures and fond Christmas memories.

"Christmas, he would go back for like thirds, didn't stop at seconds,” said Jason’s sister Tiffany. “He would go for thirds. He loved to eat."

"He would not wait for Christmas to open presents, he was already, ‘You gotta open this, you gotta open this’,” said Amy Gunn, Jason’s fiancé.

The family has decorated their home with pictures of Jason on the tree and through their living room.

They've even found a way to make room for him at the dinner table.

"We're going to leave a chair over here empty for him,” Dale said.

A space they'll leave both at the table and in their hearts.

"We know he's watching from heaven," Dale said.