Judge rules possum drop can go forward

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BRASSTOWN, N.C. — A judge ruled Brasstown’s annual possum drop can go forward Monday.

The New Year’s Eve Possum Drop is an annual tradition, but so is the controversy.

In the past, the community has come together on New Year’s Eve for a”possum drop,” which is like watching the ball drop except it’s a live possum in a box.

This year, the group “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) sued to stop the capture and display of a live possum during the event.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission on Friday issued a permit allowing the organizer to capture the animal.

The General Assembly this year passed a law allowing licensed sportsmen to hold animals for display as long as they are returned to the wild when the event is over.

For the 2013/2014 year, the possum drop will go on.


  • Clint Lowe

    If PETA just spent HALF their time working to help the HUMAN needy, maybe they could get something worthwhile accomplished. I’m all for animal rights; I’m a dog-lover, and have 5 that I love dearly. But seriously, what harm is coming to this friggin’ possum? PETA is more like a PITA (Pain In The A$$).

  • Ella Cyrus

    Clint, How would you feel if it was one of your dogs being dropped? I’m NOT a peta supporter, but it’s a wild animal. Why harass and scare it for something as dumb as this? I would rather see them drop someones poodle.

  • FaithCneedsalife

    Yeah Clint please leave your DA comments for someone that cares. Why don’t we drop you on your head and see how much you like it?

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