Father throws 3-year-old son, himself off NYC high-rise

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NEW YORK — A father and son plunged to their deaths off an Upper West Side apartment building in Manhattan Sunday.



Police say their deaths apparently stemmed from a custody battle.

Police believe Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, threw his son from 52 floors up in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

Kanarikov, of Brooklyn, was scheduled to meet his son’s mother at a police precinct because of a custody agreement.

He died at the scene and the child died later at the hospital. Witnesses said the boy was wearing Christmas pajamas.

Authorities said the father did not live in the building listed as South Park Tower, which is a short distance away from Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center.

Source: New York Daily News


    • its_my_business

      If you disagree with the murder/homicide – then time will tell. None of us know how this tragedy might have snowballed, escalated and taken over the psyche of a very disconnected person. The fact that the baby was found in swaddling clothes brings another issue to the eye of the puzzle.

  • Fay

    You don’t love some one to death,,,if you love someone you want what’s best for them,,,even if it’s not you,,,,,only a complet idiot will kill and try and lay it at loves door step,,,you love people till death,,not to death,,,

  • TinMan

    Not SO heartbreaking and sad that anyone is interested in fixing this nation’s Family Courts except maybe the fathers losing custody by the droves!

    • Mothers for Fathers rights in NC

      Tinman I agree this nation allows mothers falsify witnesses statements and abuse… Sadly it does happen but any devious woman who wants to “payback” their ex and child’s father only has to say abuse and suddenly with no evidence he is unfit…. My very close friend is going through a ridiculous battle with an ex who assaulted him in front of my kids myself and my husband however none of our statements were allowed in court! She also has a very long history of mental illness but he is unfit…. We have really got to do something as a nation to fix this these children need fathers and if their biological father is fit and capable whose right is it of anyone’s to take a child from him simply because he’s not a mother… I am a mother and I will tell you my children’s dad is as capable of doing anything for them as I am yea ladies even loving and caring for them!!!! Point is we have to find a way to make it fair for both sides the only time a child should be taken away from either parent is if the court has rock hard evidence of danger to the child!!!!!!

  • American Citizen

    Ask any law enforcement official…. there is more (danger) emotion in a domestic situation than any other type. Poeple harm the ones they love and anyone that gets in the way during extreme emotion-driven situations all the time. It’s a shame anyone would take their own life for any reason, but to harm a child is the worst tragedy. Also, I do believe, like TinMan, that our courts could do a better job where fairness and custody situations are concerned.

  • Emily

    Wow as a mom I could not imagine getting this news this close to Christmas !!!!!!!!! Praying for her this is awful

    • Hope

      “…as a mom…” So, you’re assuming that any father would take the news of his wife killing their children with less feelings than you? And what difference does it make having this rotten news delivered today as opposed to any other day of the year? What season makes it easier to deal with this kind of personal tragedy? Your last remark states that you are praying for her to feel aweful. Try using some punctuation next time. Idiot!

      • amanda

        I don’t think she meant it was only because she’s a mom or that it’d be easier any other time. I think she was trying to say it is hard anytime but right now may make it harder. I think you just want drama because you couldn’t help but look for something to do. Get over yourself. Your childish.

      • Tammie Bennett

        We’ll who are you,to be calling any one a idiot. As far as the season well I would imagine it would be due to the unwrapped reminders under the tree. So I feel like your the one who needs to grow up and stop calling people names and judging them! !

  • Katie jo

    Honestly if he killed his son do you really think in all honesty he deserved custody of him? If he could kill his son over a custody battle there is no telling what the man would be capable of while raising him. In all honesty this case hurts the argument that we need more fairness in the court rooms.. Even if that statement is true

    • tsilver

      I am still having a real hard time coming to grips with a Father actually throwing his baby from a 50+ story building in swaddling clothing. It would just seem to me, if you were that deranged, would you not jump with the baby in your arms? I don’t know if it was thugs or awful people that came in and did this. But even if it were, you would think these people would have left the baby alive and alone to be found by the cleaning services in the morning. I just can’t get my mind around this one. I hope I am able to follow the circumstances and the people who are trying to serve this disaster and find answers. My prayers are with the family now and I hope they find answers and closure soon.

  • Copperhead

    This is terrible! That child didn’t have the option to live. His father took that option. He had to have some mental issues to go to such extremes. Regardless of the courts, the mother, or whatever issues the father had, I cannot fathom the idea of killing my child. The poor boy didn’t have a chance. It’s so sad.
    On the other hand, I can see why some would think foul play. I hope that’s the case because I hate to think the father did that.

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