District student apartments in Greensboro cited for 144 code violations

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Once again, residents at the District at West Market Apartments in downtown Greensboro are speaking out about their living conditions.

"Outside looking in, it's not what you think it's going to be. The picture is not what you thought it was going to be," said Dana Merck.

Pictures residents sent to FOX8 show loose wires and broken elevators in some of the hallways, and those are the least of their concerns.

"Pests, roaches, stuff like that. It's pretty bad," said Terrence Stephens.

"I have lived at the District since August and I have never had working heat," said Nnamdia Gooding.

That's why residents, like Gooding, went to the City of Greensboro for help.

"We received 30 complaints and we wound up inspecting 31 units," said Code Compliance Coordinator Elizabeth Benton.

Benton says they found 144 violations including faulty wiring, mold, and broken heaters, light fixtures and smoke detectors.

Gooding's apartment was even condemned, so she's moving out.

"We are keeping up our end of the bargain by paying our rent and being good students, but they aren't holding up their end of the bargain and they're actually putting our health in danger," said Gooding.

Now, the District owners have until the end of January to fix the problems, or they'll be fined $200 plus an addition $75 a day until every issue is repaired.

The District at West Market sent out a statement through its management company, Burkely Communities, late Monday afternoon:

"Burkely is now coordinating the effort on the owner’s behalf to address any and all code violations and to develop and execute a strategy that will translate into reality its and the owners’ joint commitment to making The District at West Market one of the City’s outstanding student communities," said Burkely Communities CEO R. Sterling Kelly in the statement.

The City says inspections are complaint driven, so anyone with concerns about a rental property should call 336-373-CITY.


  • Resident

    As a resident I can swear to the multiple horrible problems this housing complex has had because of mismanagement and shady owners. However, I can also testify the fact that many current residents are horrible people. They live filthy life styles. Other than being rowdy, randy drunkards, many residents deposit their personal trash in hallways, floors, parking, common areas, etc. In other words, they chose to proudly live in their own filth and ignorance. None of this excuses management from its responsibilities.

    • chucky1992

      Not excusing the owners at all but if tenants do not clean up and dispose of trash in the correct manor, there will always be pests, especially in a large building like that.

  • Mark Stabler

    So the City on inspects if they get enough complaints. This place has been in the news over and over. What kind of operation does the City run if they leave tenants in unfit, unsafe living conditions. Sounds to me like they are not doing their job. If this place is not fit to live in, condemn the whole place until all the problem are corrected or tear it down.

  • Julia

    I have been living at the District for going on 6 months i have had nothing but problems and i was always put off, water leaks coming from my light is dangerous!!! I am glad this was brought to the light! And for the record i keep my place clean and dispose of my trash properly and still see a bug the place is lies and broken promises

  • former resident

    I lived into hos building for 2 and a half years, this is far from the first story posted about this place and I’m sure it wontebe the last. From the time I moved in until I finally escaped in July the problems got steadily worse and the 3 management companies that presided over the building in that time thought that by painting and patching one or two holes it could be fixed. The misinformation of the staff and management was a major problem for all three but the people in charge now are far worse and a lot more rude than any of them. I’m very grateful I was able to escape this place but my heart goes out to the people still stuck there

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