One dead in I-40 wreck, lanes reopened

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Credit: Daniel Brown

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One man is dead  after a deadly wreck on I-40 that shut down all eastbound lanes for most of the morning Monday.

Officials say Christa Nangwa Geoffrey, of Elon, was driving her 2001 Ford Focus eastbound on I-40 when she lost control of her car and struck a guardrail just past Randleman Road.

She then re-entered the roadway and was struck in the driver’s side by a tractor trailer operated by Rodney Morris of Mount Gilead.

The passenger in the Ford Focus, Ghazal Mohamed Omar of Burlington, was transported to Moses Cone Hospital where he died from his injuries.

Th wreck happened just before 9 a.m.

All lanes of I-40 eastbound in Greensboro have reopened as of this afternoon.

The investigation is ongoing.


  • CrewsCrane

    Please DOT let’s fix this area.
    May there be peace for the family of Ghazal Mohamed Omar.
    This is one of the most dangerous places to drive. Every day traffic causes slow downs, merging and drivers to cut into the right lane at the last minute. Someone please fix this death valley before more people are injured or killed.

    • Dapple

      I do agree Death Valley is a bad place,but the accident happened between the Randleman and Elm street exits.I know because we had to get off the Randleman road exit to get around the accident,seen the accident from the bridge.

  • Granny M

    Well……if the speed limit was enforced AND the old ‘one car length between cars for every 10 mph’ was enforced, I bet there wouldn’t have been any fatalities……almost everyone is speeding and driving very close to the car ahead of them…….and the tractor trailers/semi’s have very little regard for passenger cars.

    • Clint Lowe

      Yes, it’s always the “evil” truck drivers. Had to throw that in there, didn’t ya? You can’t drive through that stretch of highway and keep a safe distance. You back off, and the cars keep piling in. CARS are the problem. Sounds like GRANNY needs get her tail in a semi and just see what it’s like first-hand. Seems to me like the last statistics I heard involving crashes between tractor-trailers and cars was something in the neighborhood of 83% being the fault of the CAR driver.Kinda backwards there, aren’t you? The lack of respect is in the opposite direction. Car drivers have absolutely NO respect for the truckers. Sit your butt behind the wheel of the truck, and maybe you’ll see the real truth.

      I do agree with you that the speed limit needs to be enforced, which is something that has been lacking on I-40 for years. During my decade driving tractor-trailers, I mailed letters to both the highway patrol and the Greensboro police dept. asking why there wasn’t more patrols in that stretch of I-40. I never received a response. Once the northern bypass is completed, hopefully the volume will decrease, but I still avoid the entire area every chance I get.

      Granny, you need to see if a local trucking company will let you ride along with a trucker, and just see how little respect truckers get. You’d be surprised.

    • noel young

      Well the way I read this granny. The car lost control and came back out on the highway which most likely the driver if the truck had no choice I’m sure he feels bad about this. And I agree cause I too am a tractor Trl driver. Most people have no respect for the trucks nor laws. I think this lady shouldn’t be allowed to drive on interstates period. Matter of fact. Everyone should have to gave a endorsement on their licence to drive interstate roads. Let me give the test. I got two questions I’ll bet a lot that 80% of today’s drivers will flunk so there’s a good solution

    • Eagle2758 (@eagle2758)

      So Granny, how many times have you pulled out in front of a big truck,eh? Most people don’t know it takes the length of a football field to stop a fully loaded truck, that’s 80,000lbs, or 40 tons in case you didn’t know. Most truckers were going on the new I-40 until people who bought houses along that new route didn’t like the noise of vehicles. How much in our tax dollars did we pay to build the barrier walls,eh? How much of our tax dollars was spent on building the new I-40 just to not let trucks use it,eh? And why didn’t those so-called smart citizens check with DOT to see if they were building a new highway,eh. And granny, I’m retired military and a semiretired truck driver.

    • Erica

      I feel incredibly sad for both drivers, especially during this time of year. It does bother me that there are people that have zero respect for the men and women that sometimes spend weeks or months away from their families so that we have the products that we need in our stores. Toilet tissue, soap, eggs, milk and orange juice don’t magically appear in the store. Have some respect for each other on the road – Yeah, I know that’ll never happen…

      My husband is a truck driver and gets little respect on the road. Without truckers, imagine what your grocery store would look like.

    • Erica

      The next time anyone gets mad b/c trucks are on the highway, remember this: “We were not a wealthy Nation when we began improving our highways… but the roads themselves helped us create a new wealth, in business and industry and land values… So it was not our wealth that made our highways possible. Rather, it was our highways that made our wealth possible.” – Thomas H. MacDonald
      Chief, U.S. Bureau of Public Roads

      I doubt he’s talking about cars here.

    • Dapple

      Granny,You are wrong blaming anyone for this accident and the truck driver is Not to blame you really should read before commenting…The report said the car lost control and hit the guardrail than went back into traffic!! That truck driver will have to live with this memory the rest of his life, but it was NOT his fault!! I pray for all of them,so sad.

  • Gboro trucker

    Well ….. Driving a tractor trailer I see it all the time.where cars cut trucks off at the last min to take a exit ramp that they seen a mile before coming up so everyone cars and trucks need to watch.out for one another. @granny m. I don’t recall it saying that the it was the trucker fault was it .

  • gso driver

    Peace for the family of Ghazal. This area is very dangerous because there is little time to merge traffic. drivers in this area like to merger at the last minute and most often cut the drivers that are on I-40 who have the right of way, making it dangerous for cars and trucks. To all drivers please leave room for yourself and others. Respect trucks they need room to operate and if you invade that space then its just a matter of time before something happens.

  • Janice Gso Resident

    Prayers for the families.
    With that said, I have to disagree with those of you who are blaming the truck driver. I don’t drive a truck, just so you know I’m not biased.
    I see cars cut trucks off all the time. The truck drivers that I see on the road are very curteous, and very alert to those around them.
    But why make this about anyone in particular? Lives were lost and families are hurting. Why not just pray for the families and leave the blame outside the door.

  • jeanine

    I I was on I40 when it happened, felt terrible to hear a death was a result of the traffic standstill on the way to work this morning…my prayers go to the families

  • Anna

    Does anyone know anything about the condition of Christa? I graduated with her and was wondering about her condition. My heart goes out to the family of both families.

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