Man holds ‘I beat women’ sign in public after alleged attack

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TAMPA, Fla. — A woman in Tampa gave her alleged attacker an option – go to jail or face hours of humiliation.

The alleged attacker sat on a busy intersection last Saturday with a sign that read “I BEAT WOMEN. HONK IF I’M A SCUMBAG.”

The man wore a dunce cap as he sat on the side of the road, puzzling Tampa drivers for hours.

Alisha Hessler, 20, said she met the man the previous weekend when friends of hers brought him along to go clubbing.

But Hessler said he started making unwanted sexual advances in the back of the car on the way home.

Hessler said she asked him to stop and then hit him when he wouldn’t. She said things continued to get worse.

“That’s when he started beating me repeatedly until I had a broken nose and a concussion,” she said.

Hessler has a picture of herself she said was taken immediately after the attack, showing her facial injuries.

Police were called the next morning and a police report was filed. Hessler was taken to the hospital, but decided not to press charges. Instead, she found the suspect on Facebook and made him a deal.

If he sits outside a busy intersection for eight hours with a sign saying he beats women, then she won’t press charges. He took her offer.

“I think it’ll teach him a lesson,” Hessler said. “I think he’ll think twice about doing it again.”

Mindy Murphy is the CEO of The Spring, Tampa’s domestic violence center. She said she couldn’t believe the story.

“Women die every day at the hands of abusers,” she said. “Sexual assaults occur every day. And the fact that we’ve got a guy sitting in a dunce cap with a sign on the side of the road, really is trivializing a serious issue.”

CNN contributed to this report.


  • debbie

    and it never occurred to the driver of the car they were traveling in to pull over and rescue her before it escalated?

  • Frankie

    When you go home from a club with a man you don’t know, you are subject to getting yourself into a bad situation such as this one.

  • Frankie

    Genius response. Yes, really. I know you’re jumping to conclusions in your small mind, however its just a matter of numbers: Statistically, if you go home or bring home strangers, you are more likely to end up in a bad situation. Verses, say, not bringing strangers home.

  • Justin

    I think Frankie’s general response is right. If you don’t bring a stranger home (or at least in the vehicle) then you are no subjecting yourself to potential risk. I also think that people should use common sense. If she says no it means no… The guy is still a dunce

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