Carolers spread Christmas cheer at Walmart

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A video of what appears to be people singing Christmas carols inside the Lexington Walmart is currently being shared on Facebook.

The video is said to have taken place this weekend at the Walmart in Lexington. The shoppers look pleasantly surprised and many join in.

The video has been shared hundreds of times. Check it out below. Merry Christmas!


  • Libby Brannock

    It is awesome I love it. However I need to share this about High Point Walmart on South Main. I am feeling SICK!!!! Tonight I go into Wal-Mart on South Main Street and there is a salesperson on the floor and a person on crutches sweating like crazy ask her where a toy was. The SORRY Employee tells the person walking on crutches to check the craft isle. The person on crutches request that she check if she did not mind. THE WALMART EMPLOYEE WALKS AWAY FROM THE PERSON ON CRUTCHES!! THIS WAS THE WALMART ON SOUTHMAIN STREET IN HIGH POINT. The person on crutches was not riding a wheel chair around.

    • Lanie

      Unfortunately, many people react to the disabled as though it were contagious. That, or ” it can’t happen to me.” And the inner voice says, if it can’t happen to me, they must be “playing me” for sympathy.
      As I dealt with a severe, long term, foot injury, I tried brighter and louder colors of casts. All to no avail. I was run into over and over. I thought I was run into alot being SHORT, but add injury to insult and you have the mind set of most people. The well fed tend to blame hunger on the hungry, too.
      You noticed a fellow human in distress, and cared! THANK YOU!

  • Jeanie Nelson

    I am so happy to know that there is some joy out there. I have seen more miserable people walking around like zombies tripping and stepping on you What a miserable group of people it would be better to stay home and just cook a meal with friends than to get into that fray.

  • Tiffany

    I work at this Walmart, and I can’t believe that I wasn’t working when this Happened!! People that live in Lexington truly have a lot of love and spirit and it makes me so proud to be live here!

    • Brenda D

      I would love to have been in Walmart when this happened. I think this
      spreads the Christmas spirit. I have hear about this happening in other places but I think its great that it happened in Lexington. Merry Christmas everyone…Brenda

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