Winston-Salem ‘Detroit Boys’ crime organization members busted for heroin

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Investigators say they've arrested five people in connection to a drug trafficking investigation that spanned to Detroit.

Winston-Salem residents Dante Coles, Rudolph Coles Jr., Terrance Coles, Ian Harper and Terrance Poindexter were all charged with various counts of trafficking heroin.

Investigators said Terrance Coles was the local leader of the organization known as the "Detroit Boys." He was arrested at his home at 5455 Woodcliff Drive.

"It was a multi-state organization," said Sheriff Bill Schatzman.

His detectives, along with Winston-Salem police, Kernersville police, ATF, State SBI and DEA, spent months going undercover to identifying several players and stopped a delivery of 366 grams of heroin as it arrived in Forsyth County from Detroit on Oct 28.

"Very good investigation with physical surveillance, electronic surveillance, undercover operations, coordinated raids," is how Schatzman said the Detroit Boys were brought down.

Investigators said they also seized more than two kilograms of heroin, seven firearms, 12 vehicles and more than $55,000.


    • pigpen1968

      You can keep locking people up forever for drug crimes but you will never stop drugs. We just keep filling up our prisons with these guys and theres always someone to take his place on the street. The drug war is a complete failure. Prohibition didnt work back then and it will not work now. We have more people in prison than any other nation. Our police need to be working on violent crime, rapes and theft, not some guys selling stuff to someone who wants it.

  • FaithC

    They all need to go away for a long time. Then we need to bring back chain gangs. They want to be part of a gang, let’s provide them with one in prison. Let them do hard labor for the tax dollars we spend keeping them there.

    Thanks to the boys in blue, you have may gratitude and respect!!

  • GDM

    Too bad this isn’t Mayberry. I’m sure there are others who will pick up where these folks will leave off. We still have a lot of work to do. Not only police, but parents at home too. Herion is a terrible drug and it only takes one time for it to ruin your life and the life of others around you.

  • Him

    Im not impressed because its a shame how much our law enforcement/gov’t put so much time &resourses in busting drug dealers but if o.e of your fsmily members gets robbed or killed is an unsolved mystery. Of course theres no financial gain involved who cares about humanity. Ill take take my family member on drugs over them killed at least fighting chance. You get more time for selling drugs in America than you do killing some1.

    • Her

      Since you are “not impressed” please don’t call on our local men and women in law enforcement again, they work diligently so that drugs are keep off the streets to protect our community, do us all a favor and please don’t ever call them and waste their time! Love a local law enforcement officers wife.. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

      • pigpen from Detroit

        How long will we carry on this senseless war on drugs. Its costing us more putting these guys in prison than its worth and not doing a damn thing because theres a dealer waiting to take that guys place who just got busted. You all are kidding yourselves if you think this was a victory. Prohibition didnt work then and it doesnt work now.

  • blah

    I agree with “him” completely. I feel like its funny only certain things get the back burner over money. Because thats all that matters apparently. I defiantly wont call on those in blue for anything because I know my situations worth wont be big enough unless its a huge amount of drugs attached to my emergency.

  • terry

    i disagree with those being critical of the police , no not all of them our good , however if you have ever seen a child ruin his life on opiates you will understand , i hope these people burn in hell , prison is not the worse thing they should get , and yes people make bad choices , being physically addicted something is a bad choice , however the drug dealers need to find a better job , get creative sell somthing legal . oh wait that requires thinking and creativity.

  • terry

    and another thing, oxycotin , oxycodone should of never been legalized by the fda to be prescribed by these socalled pain doctors . guess what the next thing is heroin. all in the love of money. i m trying to figure whos worse the fda or the drug dealers . i think there same .

    • Rudy coles

      I hope when you say wrong people your referring to the informants and police Because they’re the wrong people. ..

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