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Deputy injured in Davidson Co. shooting identified, one suspect in custody

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Three people were injured in a deputy-involved shooting at a home Thursday morning in Davidson County.

Deputies said it happened around 7:30 a.m. at a mobile home park on Northpoint Drive off Highway 150 near Lexington.

Deputies responded to a reported home invasion and found two residents and an armed male suspect inside, according to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.

Authorities said the suspect assaulted one of the people living there and then opened fire on the deputies, who shot back.

The resident, suspect and deputy were all taken to the hospital with injuries. Grice said the injured deputy – Deputy Charlie Goforth – is expected to be okay after suffering a non-life-threatening injury to the foot.

Grice did not go into detail about the suspect or his injuries, but said the man is in surgery and in serious condition.

Terina Lane Billings

Terina Lane Billings

Other arriving deputies located a female in an automobile parked up the street from the location of the home invasion. During the course of their investigation, deputies developed information which lead to the arrest of the female suspect.

Terina Lane Billings, 27, of East Bend, was charged with two counts of first degree kidnapping, one count of first degree burglary, one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, one count of assault with a deadly weapon on a government official and one count of assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm.

Billings was placed under a $2 million secured bond.

The male suspect who was sent to the hospital has not been charged at this time.

The investigations are being conducted separately. Davidson County deputies are handling the home invasion while the state is looking into the deputy-involved shooting.


  • Larry Wilson

    Trying to get insurance for my wife from market place but the people working tere don’t know how to handle questions correctly nor do they try to find out a correct answer. I get Social Security only as an income and don’t have to file taxes so the Obama Care says if you don’t file taxes you can’t qualify for subsidy even though you fall in the income range. How do they expecr people to sign up with that attitude?

  • Debbie

    This happened real close to where I live. So scary that people are so bold and go into someones home and rob them at gun point. I’m curious as to wether the suspect and victims knew each other..

  • HT

    Seriously People??? I live VERY close to where this happened, and the guy they shot was in my best friends back yard! Instead of being so shallow and so judgmental why don’t you try praying for the people and families involved!! Kids had JUST left their houses to get on the bus when all this took place. Things COULD have been A LOT worse! So now upon praying for all the families involved I will be praying for you. I pray this never happens to any of you. And people wonder what is wrong with this world???? Maybe people should start looking at themselves and fixing their own lives instead of quickly passing judgment on others.

  • Tammy Hayes

    Thank you HT for making this known. Yes it was my back yard that the officer (who made a great sacrifice) and the victim were shot. The male was african american, but nowhere on the news channels has that been reported. How about we pile up all your redneck dumbasses and let you all kill yourself. We may live in moble homes but it is a rather nice neighborhood. Ignorant white trash is all you are. Get a life and pray for all the familes affected instead of judging other peoples lives.

    • Debbie

      You are so quick to judge everyone that made a comment and if you would go back and read my firat post yu will see that I didn’t disrespect or judge anyone. I agree with you that everyone should be praying for the victims and their families. Im sure you and your neighbors were effected by this as well so I will extend my prayers to you too. I live within a few miles of this and it is scary to think about someone coming into your home trying to take everything you have worked for. I’m praying the victim makes a fast, full recovery.

      • Tammy

        Debbie I didn’t mean any disrespect to you but this just hit me hard after the day I had. Thankfully all our neighbors are ok, and I noway want the suspect to die, I would rather see him be charged for what he done. Like I said Debbie I apologize for grouping everyone together, my comment went out to the select few that were making negative comments.

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