Jeremy Mayfield’s mansion burned to ground (PHOTOS)

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Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. — A million dollar mansion once owned by former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield was burned to the ground on Thursday evening during planned firefighter training.

According to WSOC, Mayfield was evicted from the property last year after financial troubles stemming from a failed drug test in 2009 that banned him from racing.

The house was once reportedly valued at $1.8 million.

Everything in the seven-bedroom, seven-bath house was stripped down from the windows to the wiring.

Neighbors said Mayfield tried to renovate the home, but when he was banned from racing and arrested for possession of meth and stolen property work on the home came to an abrupt halt.

man1Catawba Fire Chief Donald Robinson says the new owners no longer want the home that is worth just over $300,000 dollars.

Burning it took it off the tax books while providing training for firefighters in the county.

Mayfield is scheduled to go back before a judge early next month where he faces several felony charges.


  • Roni

    very tragic his life and property up in smoke, hope he learns something and gets it all back together, it will be tough for him, the public is quick to hold these things over the heads of some and strangely not others… guess that’s the luck of the draw

  • Joe

    The lumber in that house could have been used to build 10 or more Habitat for Humanity homes. How stupid can you get. That farmer has to be an idiot.

  • tgp

    I agree what a waste of time to train firefighters to save lives and to properly use their equipment. It is obviouse seveal post do not see the big picture on how many lives may have or will be saved with this training!

    • DDD

      What kind of training are they doing? Watching it burn? LOL Obviously the community wanted it gone and I’m sure some wanted a harsh statement delivered to Jeremy. I would probably be on board with that if I was a member of this community.


    what a shame … I always liked Jeremy. I hope he can get his life back on track. good luck to you and your family.

  • Tammy

    He made some mistakes but this is going too far. Kicking him when he is down and out on his luck, this is not how it should be. Give him another chance to get his act together. It is Christmas folks. Peace on earth and good will to men.

  • keith irvine

    What a waste…could have used the house for homeless, or build half a dozen houses for humanity with the torn down parts. Burning it to the ground is a total waste. Typical U.S. thinking. What value to Firefighting…watching a mansion burn down. The United States is the most wasteful, arrogant, and ignorant country on earth……disgusting……

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