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5 charged with child abuse, intent to distribute meth

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Aaron James Alcala, Joshua Scott Ferguson, Daniel Ray Fowler, Jimmy Clinton Fowler and Rebecca Mae Fowler (left to right).

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Police have arrested five people in connection with drug and child abuse charges.

According to police, the five people charged and a child were in a vehicle when a traffic stop was executed. Materials to manufacture methamphetamine were found inside the vehicle.

Aaron James Alcala, Joshua Scott Ferguson, Daniel Ray Fowler, Jimmy Clinton Fowler and Rebecca Mae Fowler were arrested and face charges of intent to distribute methamphetamine and misdemeanor child abuse.

Bond and trial date information is not currently available.


  • zb

    Bunch of MONKEYS. Worthless pc of SH**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH SAID. ALL of THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let them KILL each other……Do us ALL A favor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • bj

      for 1. 3 of them is my family. now I’m not sayin what they did is right cuz its not. I don’t agree with what they did. what I’m sayin is god will deal with them. its not our place to try to deal with them

    • Debbie

      Have you tried to gain custody of the child? I pray that someone takes the child and raises it so it might have a chance of over coming its circumctance. I can’t imagine how you feel but let’s be thankful thr child is away from these people. I’m prAying for you and the child.

  • Rita

    When you find out that Aaron and Josh had nothing to do with any of this, they were working on the car and the two other men asked them to take them to the store and they did. Ask yourself What would Jesus do?

    • Stephen Melton

      Gotta love these online defense teams…LOL

      WWJD? Probably not put himself in a position to have to have family come out of the woodwork to defend their stupidity…

      Go ask the DA in Davidson WWJD, and I almost bet your answer is: He would wait for his day in court now, and if what you say is true, then he had nothing to worry about eh?

  • amy

    Josh and Aaron were working on the car. Too many people know this. I have faith that they will be dismissed on the meth charges or atleast lowered due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But im sad to say im sure they will be charged with the child safety and speeding. Josh is family, so i hope for the best possible outcome but as commented before, only the judge will decide.

  • amy

    Ok. My comment didnt come out right. The only reason i believe they might be charged with the child abuse if the charges are dropped on knowing about the meth, would be speeding while the child was in the car.

  • Derek

    Yes Aaron and Josh both was working on the car. Aaron felt uncomfortable and went back to his house and few minutes later josh came back and said the 2 guys needed a ride (was going to pay them for gas) and he didn’t want to go by himself. Little did they know, the other 3 were method heads and was going to get shit to make the meth. Kinda sounds like a setup. But if the female wouldn’t have been shoving the sudafed under the BABYS car seat, it wouldnt have been as bad. But josh and aaron had nothing to do with the meth heads getting the supplies to build a meth lab.

    • wow

      Wow I no those creeps the flowers that is it couldn’t of happened to a better three people one of them is not only a child abuser but is a child malesster

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