Struggling families helped by police before Christmas

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MORGANTON, N.C. — Several struggling families in Burke County walked in their homes Tuesday to a huge surprise.

They found presents placed under their Christmas trees.

“Where did we get all of these presents? I don’t know where did they all come from,” said mother Danielle Rosebrock.

WSOC  reported that Rosebrock and her son, Sam, got the surprise of their lives when they walked through the door of their Morganton home.

It has been a tough year for Sam and his family.

The 3-year-old was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone extensive chemotherapy, visiting doctors in Charlotte more than 70 times this year.

The Morganton chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police learned of the family’s plight and wanted to make a difference.

“Tree, bills, food, presents everything,” said Sgt. Calvin Daniels with Morganton Public Safety.

The program works by people making nominations by email or letters to the officers who in turn work with friends of the family to go into the home to leave the gifts.

“They just don’t have an idea that it is coming and the good thing is we’re not there when they get there so we don’t have to cry in front of them with them,” said Greg Gentieu with the N.C. Highway Patrol.

The only thing left behind is this framed picture of the officers taken this morning with the words “Operation Blue Christmas.”

Rosebrock is thankful for what the officers did and thankful her son’s cancer is in remission. She said it will be a Christmas she will always remember.

“I’m amazed. I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to say. It’s awesome,” Rosebrock said.

Source: WSOC

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    Well done, officers!!!

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