Mom hopes photos will help women love their bodies

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AUSTRALIA — One mom is striking back at the woman who posted a picture of her toned body following childbirth, asking other women what their excuse was.

Taryn Brumfitt, 35, is a mother of three who has been on mission to encourage women to live healthy and love their bodies at every shape and size. She calls her mission the Body Image Movement and earlier this year she became an internet celebrity after posting a very nontraditional “before & after” photo of herself on Facebook that went viral.

“I’m on a quest to redefine and rewrite the ideals of beauty. Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being,” Brumfitt told the Daily Mail.


  • carly

    First and foremost, you are a person. You alone make decisions on the lifestyle you lead. Basing your success around your achievements as a “mother” is a ridiculous way to live, and in my opinion the WORST example to set as a parent. Are you happy? Are your children happy? Thats all that matters. If youre unhappy with your body…fix it. Dont sit here, crabbing about some woman who worked hard for an amazing physique while praising Tayrn for a “real” body image. The lesson should be that no-size-fits-all. Be confident in you. All this article represents is the battle of ideal body image and is no different than the “no excuses” broad. I solute woman that work out everyday, eat right, and have a rocking body… its inspiring, not demeaning and I equally respect the woman that is comfortable in her skin and willing to say F*** you to societal expectations.

  • jeniffer m

    Bahahahahaha, how pathetic. Victorias Secret models are beautiful, end of story. Yes, wrinkles and some cellulite are natural, but being fat is not. She isn’t astounding in either, but the before picture is definitely better. It’s cute, how defensive some of the less than fortunate (and less than educated) people who are either too lazy to work on their body, or stuck with a bigger woman, are. “I rather my large loving wife than a narcissistic wench”. Case closed, ultra butthurt noted. Someone’s a wench for taking care of themselves? Your fat wife is a wench for NOT caring for her body, and stuffing her face, and generally not being a good example to her kids.

  • jeniffer m

    yeah, seriously leslie. It’s like “durr hurr you’s depriving your kids of your time because you work out”… sooooo fat people are spending every minute of their time playing with their kids? i don’t think so

  • Ramisme

    What is it about kids that makes women so delusional?

    That little fucker growing inside you may have caused your skin to stretch a little, but it shouldn’t cause you to become a lazy and disgusting piece of shit stuffing your face all day.

    Being fat isn’t genetic and it isn’t a “body type.” You’re fat because you eat too much, and that is easily controlled.

    Also, the point in these articles isn’t to necessarily love your body, but to love yourself. You should love who you are, and always strive to be the absolute best you can be, including health-wise.

    Giving birth isn’t an excuse to get fat. Get over yourselves and work hard to stay healthy. If not for your “man,” at least do it for yourself and for your kids. They deserve a healthy mother. Don’t deprive them of that of all things.

  • Loren

    “Women have been brainwashed into thinking fat, wrinkles and cellulite are bad. They’re not. It’s just a part of being a human being,” Um… I’m not a doctor or anything, but I believe being “fat” or overweight leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure… etc. So yes it is bad. Doesn’t mean you should hate yourself. But I do think fitness and being in healthy shape and condition is VERY important!! She’s pretty much telling women everywhere that it’s fine to weigh 100 lbs overweight and not go to the gym or eat healthier, that’s horrible advice. What ever happened to blunt truth, because that’s what a heart attack is, no mercy when that day rolls around unfortunately. Nothing wrong with wrinkles and cellulite though.

  • Andrea

    Hmmm…not sure why this has to be such a black & white issue. As a mother of 2 who is very physically active & weight trains at least 4 days a week I worked very hard during & after my pregnancy to stay healthy. I am in better shape now than before my children. This is MY choice & it’s not for everyone. Although I do not care for “shaming” of those who do put their health as a priority. It is not about just looks for me but strength & power. It should be about HEALTH & not just body image. You can be skinny & unhealthy, & also heavier & healthy depending on your lifestyle. You get what you put in, so do the work or quite whining about what you don’t have people.

  • RJPJ25

    Is it wrong to suggest with some hard work, dedication and exercise you can transform any body type? Nope, bc that’s fact…I have to sit 9 hrs a day for my job, does that mean its ok to develop a gut and then call it beautiful? Nope, bc it’s not, everyone can look healthy despite their genes or how many kids they have..some ppl just have to work harder than others but that’s life! There is NO excuse for being fat and out of shape, none! Unless for some reason u can’t diet or exercise, but when is that the case?

  • kaelynn

    She is beautiful before and more beautiful after!! The selfish act of motherhood is beautiful! !!! She still looks like she is in her 20’s :-)!!! You ma’am are gorgeous! !!!!!

  • Nat

    Who said it takes an hour.. ever heard of HIIT? I worked out 25 mins a day during nap times and lost 34 lb. To free HIIT videos on youtube. Now I’m 5’6″ 118lb after having FOUR kids, the last one 4 months ago. (Yes I was exercising before/during/after the pregnancy and the weight gain of my pregnancy is not included in the 34lb.. the pregnancy I gained 18lb, then lost it 2 weeks later.. and I had a 9lb baby so don’t say I should have ‘gained more’).

    My tummy is still a bit loose but getting tighter, I lost 10 pant sizes so far… Derma rolling helps a TON to make the stretch marks fade and tighten skin, I recommend it to all women that are loosing weight and have stretchmarks and loose skin, the injuries to the skin make your body fix it. I got my roller on ebay for $12 so it dirt cheap and I’m not selling them.

    Don’t say you don’t have 25 mins a day… look up 30 day shred level 1 on youtube to start with! It takes effort and determination, not excuses. All you ladies saying you have no time are here on these message boards wasting time reading and writing instead of taking action.. so transparent. NO MORE EXCUSES! You’re all on facebook all day long too!!! Make a free account on myfitnesspal, track your food intake and exercise energy expenditure, set yourself a goal of when you want to weigh what, and then GO FOR IT. Just do it :)

  • Kandy Danh Phong

    nothing wrong w being healthy. if we werent jelaous os the skinny women . we may never have the oomph to push ourselves to be healthier. the 1ooo pound women loved herself. it didnt do her no good, im sorry

  • Dylan Ranville

    This woman is cool. Being confident in your own body is tough after child birth and most women claim their beauty are over…. Fuck that! My girl is a hottie after two kids! But her confidence is down so I dig this chicks message!

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