Greensboro Science Center undergoing renovations

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Plans for the Greensboro Science Center hope to attract teens and adults with a wide range of renovations.

Phase two for the science center is funded primarily by the 5 million bond referendum approved Greensboro City Council Tuesday night.

$1.1 million from private investors will also go toward the construction.

"It really does what the community has been asking for a long time which is to renovate the older museum dating back to 1957," said Glenn Dobrogosz, Greensboro Science Center Director.

Sky Wild is a three-concourse event course, complete with seven zip lines at 30 to 42 feet high. Each of the 75 events will correlate with an animal; for instance a frog jumping from one lily pad to another.

The second part of the expansion will renovate the dinosaur exhibit (Prehistoric Passages) kids play area (SciPlau Bay), North Carolina's first solar parking lot (Asphalt Garden) and Underworld introductory kids to marine biology.

Dobrogosz said that the renovation will provide visitors with an experience using lighting, sound systems, touch screen informative tablets even two kimono dragons. The new additions to the exhibit and SkyWild will also create jobs as the center will hire rope specialists and attendants.

Since the opening of the SciQuarium, six months ago, there have been approximately 200,000 visitors from 88 counties in North Carolina and all 50 states.

Last year the annual visitation average was about 320,000.

Dobrogosz said the goal is to reach about 500,000 visitors a year and help promote Greensboro to a tourist location.


  • Susan Buslett

    If Greensboro wants to really attract visitors to the area how about adding a world class aquarium like Atlanta has? Several of my friends and myself has discussed this on FB and we think it would definitely fly, it would bring jobs, offer another degree for UNC-G and/or GTCC to offer that has to do with aquariums/marine biology. Things to do for the families of those that come for the furniture market who might not usually bring their families.

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