Randleman High teacher charged with taking indecent liberties with a student, fired

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Hazem Eldara

RANDLEMAN, N.C. — A former teacher at Randleman High School is facing a felony charge, police said Tuesday.

The school resource officer at Randleman High School received a report from the principal Tuesday regarding an assault on a student.

A joint investigation between the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and Randolph County Schools resulted in the arrest of Hazem Eldara, 54, of Asheboro.

Eldara was charged with taking indecent liberties with a student.

Upon his arrest, police were advised by RCS that Eldara was no longer employed with the school system.

Eldara was placed in the Randolph County Jail under a $10,000 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 18.

The case is still under investigation and additional information is therefore not available.


  • henry

    whores often tell lies against innocent men. the prisons are full of men because of lying whores. most men accept the plea bargin just to insure that they will get out one day. they usually face life in prison. I know. my son faced three life sentenced. he took a plea for seven years.at least he will get out. I hope that slut never sleeps well.

    • mandy

      First of all she is not a whore and second of all have you watched the news DICK……there is more evidence on him..Maybe you should pay attention b4 you go and run your stupid immature mouth..How can you call her whore …you been with fucker…….

      • mandy

        oops.(her).have you been with her.have you seen her do anything to show she is a whore………….Stop acting like you know things when you have NO CLUE>>>>>>>>>>Grow up Dumb fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

      • unknown

        Forgive me Mandy, because I do not know the girl or the entire situation. But I have followed news on multiple outlets, and haven’t seen a piece of evidence released yet. Where are you finding this so that we may all see? Also, you commented that whatever happened was recorded, and I have not seen this anywhere. Please tell me where you are finding this.

  • Unknown

    Knowing Hazem outside of a school setting, but also knowing many teachers at Randleman, this girl has falsely accused at least 2 other male teachers of misconduct. The principal didn’t care for Hazem much, which may have had a major affect in how this played out, but he was a wonderful coach and soccer referee. He always conducted himself as a man of character. I am praying that he is a man of integrity as I have seen, and also that the courts not only rule in his favor, but compensate him for the slander that has been thrown at him. Don’t forget he is also a father and husband. We should also being praying for the strength of his family.

  • carmen

    My heart goes out to Mr. E, he was my son’s math teacher and really cared about his future…..and the rest of the staff besides the drop out prevention gentleman could have cared less about my child and his education, the principle can never be reached and could not even attend appointments that ” SHE ” made…… my prayers goes out to all that is involved!

  • joe

    Too bad he isn’t a football coach, if he was, I’m sure they would have covered this up like they covered up one of the assistant coaches for inappropriate conduct at the school. The SRO was never told about the things that were on this teachers phone and there wasn’t any news stories on him.

  • Opinions

    Btw no Mandy it wasn’t a threat I’m not that kind if person! Other people however are very mad nits that I care what you think

  • Opinions

    And I don’t understand why random people are cussing at each other over some girl you don’t even know! Grow up people it doesn’t really have anything to do with you. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion so why argue over it. She has the reputation she gave herself and unless you go to randleman or are family you don’t know. If there’s proof he did it then well all have to swallow our pride and except that we were wrong. If not this becomes a he said she said thing

  • juan ramon

    Free mr e I had him for four year I got to know him really well and I know he wouldnt do anything luke that mr e dont feel down we are here for you like u was once for us we live you mr e and u are the beat person in the world

  • Anna

    Ya’ll are going to believe a wreckless child, thats always high, over a teacher that has worked at randleman for years? Ridiculous..

  • Joan

    At the end of the day nobody except those involved knows what really happened.It can be both ways people get accused of things they did not do and sometimes there is evidence that could make them look guilty,even if they are innocent,just as there could be evidence that clearly shows they are guilty,and just the same as there are people that society sees a upstanding citizens that have a dark side,no matter how well liked they may be.No matter what the girls reputation may be if she felt violated she had every right to come forth.She may or may not be lying,he maybe or may not be guilty that is not for anyone but the court to decide.If there is enough evidence to prove he is guilty then the court shall decide that.The legal system works in such a way that in order for him to be arrested the DA and officers involved had to have what they felt was enough evidence to bring a warrant for arrest to be able to have enough for a case to go into a court.They would not arrest this man unless they felt they had enough they could bring to a jury,arrest would not be made solely based on someones accusations.

  • mandy

    All there is to say, is they must have had enough evidence to arrest him and hopefully the truth will come out and then the gossip and he said she said stuff can stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darrick

    First off to everyone who’s running their mouth about this saying that she is lying and free this teacher, maybe you should put yourselves in her shoes.im sure it’s not quite the easiest thing to deal with in life being violated as such. If you know ANYTHING about the law then you would know that no one can be arrested off of hear say it has to be pure evidence proving one is guilty of such actions. I don’t care what she had posted on any social media site, that still doesn’t give anyone the right to be violated inany manner. POINT BLANK PERIOD! !!!!

  • bonnie and clyde

    WOOOO Randleman is full of winners. If he gets charged I hope he at least got it in. But no one knows the full story.

    • unknown

      No, Im not a little girl…….and YES I am defensive about it, I have a right to be because I know this person and I know she would never make this up and there is proof of what he did. Everyone will see when its all said and done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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