6 U.S. troops killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

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Six U.S. troops were killed Tuesday in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan after what appears to be an engine failure, a U.S. defense official said.

There was one survivor in the crash.

There was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash, according to NATO, and the U.S. defense official said early reports indicate the helicopter’s engine failed.

The troops were members of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

The troops’ names have not been released. It is ISAF policy to allow national authorities to identify casualties.


    • Stephen Melton

      Technically, we didnt lose Vietnam. The Paris accords were signed and we still had about 1500 troops in Vietnam at that time, so, technically, we won. The South Vietnamese troops are the ones that can be blamed for not fighting for their own country. To say we lost Vietnam is simply following public opinion.
      This war, could be won from the publics view, in a matter of weeks, however, the ROE has changed to that of one that is worse than Vietnams. As of right now, our guys have their hands tied…period. OF course, after years of a ROE that does not allow the United States to actually fight, if the rules were to change, and we actually do what is to be done, then the public outcry would be so swift and harsh that it would be counterproductive to anything that was done.
      Its time to simply do like the former USSR did…pack it up, bring them home, and stay out of engagements that the US has no real intentions of winning.
      And as far as comparing this to Vietnam as far as KIAs go…not even close. Vietnam had over 58,000 for the US alone, whereas OEF totals with all forces combines is just over 3,300.
      The US cant stomach a year like 1968, where we lost almost 17,000 young men and some women in one year alone.

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