NC assistant principal accused of assaulting student

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WINTERVILLE, N.C. — The assistant principal of a North Carolina high school is accused of grabbing a student from behind and pushing him into a wall.

The Greenville Daily Reflector reported that 44-year-old Greg MacDaid was charged with simple assault and has since been suspended with pay.

The incident allegedly happened in the hallway of South Central High School in Pitt County on the morning of Nov. 13.

MacDaid allegedly slammed a freshman into a glass wall and held him there by placing his elbow on the student’s neck.

The suspect was charged on Nov. 21 and appeared in court Friday. A clerk at the Pitt County Courthouse said the case has been continued until January.

School officials are not commending on a motive for the incident. The school said MacDaid has no previous disciplinary issues on file.

The suspect has been with Pitt County Schools for 22 years. He was named assistant principal at South Central in 2010 and had an annual salary of $62,143.

Source: The Greenville Daily Reflector


  • Anita Hancock

    I can’t say anything against this. I worked in Middle School at one time. You would be surprised at how many of these “children” are so emotionally distraught they do not listen to authority and strike out at anybody. I can not condone what the Assistant Principal did, but you can not imagine how strong these children become when enraged. What do you do? Wait for them to come back with a weapon and then react?

  • Jeanie Nelson

    Teens are rude and disrespectful . Bet the kid was being a jerk and got what his parents never gave him discipline. That is nothing if the principal gave us discipline our parents repeated it when we got home as a result we had a hard working generation baby boomers what we got now is nothing short of useless.

    • Ken Davis

      Thank you Jeanie, you hit the nail on the head!! I wish everyone had your POV because if they did the kids would be more RESPECTFUL and these issues would not be as widespread. Keep that mindset because I certainly do….I don’t like the “Y” generation……why do we have to do this, why do we have to do that, a generation of whiners. I work with the local school system and see this on a daily basis. Sad!! If you’re on fb send me a request! :):)

  • jim

    Give the principal an award. When the little punk is caught commiting a crime he will be slammed face first into the ground by a police officer. When is this madness going to stop? The spineless liberals have had their way long enough, and it don’t take much looking around to see that their ideas are not working.

  • Anna N

    Mr Goins, Perhaps you should wait to hear all the facts in the case before making ignorant comments .I have a son that goes to South Central High school and I personally know Mr Mcdade since he has been at that school. I have never seen someone who genuinely cares about the students more than Mr. Mcdade. He would be the ONLY school official who would stand outside (rain or shine) every morning greeting the students with a smile..trying to make them laugh before they entered the school. Not because he had to ..but because he wanted to!

    Instead of the student’s dad “serving up justice” to someone who had to restrain his son from assaulting someone else..perhaps the student’s dad should have put the fear of God in his son that if he ever raised his hand to someone else (much less a teacher) that it would take the “:jaws of life” to remove dear old dad’s foot from his son’s behind.

  • Stephen

    I have been a middle school teacher for four years, I have many students that are much bigger than me. I am 5′ 10″, 200 lbs., and carry about 15% body fat, I have had to physically restrain several students during physical altercations and have been struck by students on two separate occasions at two different schools. Teachers must have the right to defend themselves and their students from physical harm. I am also an Army veteran and firmly believe that firearms teachers is a terrible idea. Must whiteness could be resolved with a few simple hand/wrist control techniques. What if the young woman who was rapped and murdered by her student at the school knew some self defense and restraint techniques? Everyone is so eager to protect their babies that they forget about the adults that want to go home to their own babies and who have accepted the responsibility to ensure that many other people’s babies go home everyday. Sorry for the rant, but teachers in NC have not received a bit of respect for the past ten years and now not allowing us to defend ourselves and our students is simply ridiculous.

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