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High Point police officer crashes into guardrail

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Authorities said a High Point police officer was injured after his patrol car crashed into the guardrail of a bridge and caught fire.

Police said Officer A.D. Dyles was headed south on US 29/70 when his police car went off the road around 6:15 a.m. Saturday.

The patrol car struck a concrete guardrail on a bridge over South Main Street and became fully engaged in flames, according to police.

The officer was able to escape with only minor injuries and was treated and released from High Point Regional Hospital, police said.

Debris from the guardrail broke the windshield of an SUV passing under the bridge, according to police. No injuries were reported in that incident.

Police said the officer was not on a call at the time and was headed home after finishing an overnight shift.

High Point police said they’re still investigating, but it appears the crash happened after the officer briefly fell asleep at the wheel. The patrol car appears to be a total loss.


  • Ms Alcatraz

    “He” didn’t do anything…The report clearly says it was the “car” or the “cruiser”… In my experience, “I” have always been guilty in the state of NC and named as such WELL before investigated or even questioned.

  • Sherri Jones

    I have found many of the comments here to be unfounded and hurtful. I personally have known Officer Dyles since he was a small boy. Since he was a young boy he wanted to become a police officer and serve his community. He is a very caring person. In all professions there can be some “bad apples”. Thank goodness we have men and women like Officer Dyles who are willing to protect and serve our community. Until the investigation is complete, I find it ridiculous to pass judgment on a man based on speculation and unfounded stories. By grace this man survived the crash and so did the others that were under the bridge. I do hope that none of you ever make a mistake in your life. Until you walk in another man’s shoes I would not be so fast in passing judgement.

  • RL

    I like how everyone is quick to leave a negative comment. You have no idea what officers go through in a shift. All parties involved are very lucky that they were not hurt. You have nothing better to do but post comments claiming you know what happened when in reality you have no clue. Everyone bashes on the police but when they get robbed or someone tries to break into there house, they call they police. Who responds to your calls for protection, thats right the police do because apparently it takes select men and women to deal with the big bad scary people in the city. Instead of bashing, trying doing what the police do for one shift, most people wouldn’t last half a shift. When was the last time any of you chased a bad guy with a gun or ran into the middle of a riot to help protect people. Most of you pass judgement and dont have a clue what your talking about. So the next time you pick up the phone and dial 911 screaming and crying because one of your loved ones need help or got hurt, I want you to think back to all your negative comments you posted about the police because guess what, thats right all these cops that you are talking junk about will be the first men and women showing up at your house to try and save the ones you care about the most.

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