Using technology to retrieve stolen property

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Reports of theft and burglary typically increase during the Christmas season but technology is now helping victims of theft get their property back.

Products like Data Dots and Cop Dots allow consumers to mark their property with invisible microchips.

“It can be used on jewelry, cameras, electronic devises,” said Dan Wemyss with the Kernersville Police Department. “If those items are recovered at a pawn shop or in someone's home we can actually scan those items with the equipment we have and locate the owner.”

The products range around $30 and can mark up to 50 items.

Wemyss says to decrease the risk of becoming a victim of theft in shopping centers during the holidays is to be aware of your surroundings, park in well-lit areas and don't leave purchases, cell phones and purses visible inside your car. When it comes to your home don't leave newspapers outside or let items like electronics be visible from your window.

"The most affective thing you could do, which can be seen from the curb, is increase lighting. Make sure your home looks as if it's occupied," he said.


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