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UNCG library vandalized, racial slurs found

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- University police are investigating after the African American Studies section of the Jackson Library at UNCG was vandalized last week.

Racial slurs were founds written on tables, walls and in books. Police say because of what was written and where the vandalism happened this is being looked at as a hate crime.

"Its not just simple vandalism. It's not a prank. We take it very seriously," said Major Paul Lester, with the UNCG Police Department.

A housekeeper was the one to discover the mess. The combination of the words and the fact that the vandalism happened in the African American Studies section make this a hate crime.

"Obviously defacing the books in the library is bad enough but then when you do it under the premise of a racial slurs and with a hate bias and motivation, the district attorney's office will not like that," said Major Lester.

FOX8 showed students the pictures of the vandalism.

"They have to be very ignorant because this is a diverse school. For them to do something like that is kind of outrageous," said Tailor Farmer, a UNCG sophomore.

"I think the people who did this should be punished and other people should get the message that this type of thing shouldn't be tolerated," said Jeremy Shelton, a UNCG sophomore.

UNCG Police were able to get a picture of two people from surveillance cameras. They aren't calling these people suspects but do want to talk to them.

UNCG Police say the suspects did leave a marker they used behind at the scene. Police are working on leads.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 336-334-4444.


  • thomas

    I’m willing to bet my upcoming Christmas gifts that campus leftists faked these phony “hate crimes” just to rile up racial tensions on an otherwise harmonious campus….Google Oberlin College fake hate crimes from last year, in addition to many other examples of fake hate (Quinn Matney at UNC-CH, former college basketball star Charlie Rogers, and recently discovered liar Dayna Morales) where some invent “hate” where it actually does not exist.

    • John K.

      A brief look at these so-called examples of leftists faking hate crimes reveals that they are too statistically insignificant to register. So, Thomas, you can rely on your anecdotal (and mostly alleged, not proven) ‘evidence’ all you want so you don’t have to admit that actual racism still exists.

      • M F Scotto (@mfscotto)

        But there are more of those statistically insignificant fake crimes than real ones. Matthew Shepherd’s death wasn’t fake, but it wasn’t a hate crime either. I’m not saying what happened here was real racism or not. Unfortunately, these sorts of things happen far less frequently than the “statistically insignificant” fake ones, yet they are treated as epidemic. Check out

  • Anonymous

    I’m from the Maryland and graduated from UNCG in 2009. I spent 4 years on campus and although it’s essentially a quiet place, it was the first time I’ve ever experienced overt racism in my 18 years of living. Doubt this is fake. It’s pretty horrible, but we all know people out there think like this, it’s not a surprise. Move past it guys…don’t dwell. There are better people and places! I was glad to get the hell out of NC though!!! DC/MD is so much better as far as diversity/acceptance is concerned.

  • jliles1205

    As all of these incidents turn out, this will be discovered to be a hoax. As mentioned above, simple minded twits who can’t remember one day to the next what other hoaxes have perpetrated by previous fraudsters.
    And Anonymous- as a native son of Montgomery County Md, I can say from the bottom of my heart- Thank you so much for moving out of Greensboro and into that cesspool of virulent hatred and race mongering. Sounds like your definition of ‘overt racism’ is not enough people of other ethnic backgrounds didn’t stand in awe of your greatness.
    Jerry ’81

  • uncgslim85

    Ha thats funny you people think this would be a hoax….click on any story on this website about black people and read all the racist comments. This is the south right?

    • Bill Jackson

      Click on any story about a white person and you will see a lot of the same type of speech coming from blacks, being directed at blacks.

      The fact is people of both races go out of their way to antagonize others.

      • uncgslim85

        I was referring to people like you..just saw your Facebook page. I’m pretty sure I can get good advice from you..ha I could care less what u think

    • Angel

      so you’re saying those of us who don’t throw that word around or ever use it for that matter, respectable black people should just be okay something as foolish, cruel and childish as this because ignorant black people do it too. no one should be degrading anyone yet you refuse to admit that and generalized other blacks and make pretty rude assumptions about the president and leftists? when you can use that brain God gave you and know not everyone is this stupid come on, free speech can be racist.
      i mean, why would someone write racial slurs all over UNCG property and support Obama. what is honestly wrong with you?

  • jliles1205

    Anonymous- you graduated in 2009- I presume with 4 years of study. That means you were here in 2005.. correct? You state you had been alive for 18 years as of 2009. Assuming that you are now 22 years old, You would have been born in 1991. Did you start classes at 14 years old? Are you a genius- or is your timeline slightly out of whack? Why would you choose a state run university as opposed to an avant garde private school?

  • Lakesha JaRONE

    911 Never Forget
    Don’t Forget The Doughnut Maker And Penguins.
    I Went To RCC For Five Years And Dropped Out.
    That’s a college for the community.
    We Love The University Of Wentworth.
    With that being said, what happened to Harry?
    Douglas reported him missing from the bathroom …
    Keep me posted !

  • Willow

    oh my god half the comments here are blatantly racist y’all are the worst. as a current UNCG student I can tell you that this is probably not a hoax. UNCG likes to tout it’s “diverse” (read: about 1/5 of the student population is a collection of non-white, non-cis, and/or non-straight) but, nowadays at least, they don’t really do anything to be there for their students. I’ve got to the school administration many times to report blatant bigotry and discrimination (on the part of both students and faculty) and they just shrugged their shoulders. They’re usually more interested in hiding that stuff than they are of actually doing anything. can’t let ppl find out about anything that could harm future admissions!

      • thenewokelly

        Um, Bill…I hate to bring this up but you do know that free speech CAN be racist, right? Just because you have free speech rights doesn’t mean that when you open your mouth your words are sanctified and made pure. And judging by the comments on this thread and JUST going off of the definition of racism there’s a lot of racism at play from you and many of the other folks commenting. Now, you’re certainly free to say whatever the h*** you want – but just because you’re free to say it doesn’t make it non-racist or not-bigoted.

        As for Willow’s ‘victimhood’ as you put it – pointing out a patently obvious fact is about as far from victimhood as you can get.

        If anyone’s playing the victim card here it’s all the people arguing ‘it was those rotten leftists’ or ‘black people are racist, too’. Maybe own some of your privilege and try to be a decent human being.

  • JT

    John, Anonymous and Willow–remember, don’t feed the trolls! I think part of the reason that you are seeing such vehement insistance and vitriolic rhetoric coming from Tea Party types is the fact that they are hearing the death rattle for their little populist, ultra-conservative movement. It’s human nature–when you are confronted with the fact that your belief system is wrong, outdated, illogical, etc., you hold on more tightly. Still, the rule stands: Don’t argue with the ignorant. They will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience!

    • thenewokelly

      That’s right on advice JT. Just hadn’t finished waking up and my anger at such blatant idiocy/bigotry got the best of me!

      • JT

        I understand–goofy, baseless accusations can certainly boil the blood, thenewokelly. But since they refuse to recognize reason and logic, I have decided not to give them impromptu lessons on that. Instead, I just laugh at most of the comments on here. The more racist, ignorant, vitriolic and irrational, the funnier they are–and there’s never a shortage of them. Endless mindless entertainment!

  • Brittany

    It is absolutely disgusting that this is being turned into a joke. It is shameful that anyone is actually accepting this to be something to make fun of. It is more vile that people who are coming into this and dismissing it.
    Racism is not determined by political party or skin color or ethnicity, racism is determined by the hatred you put forth to other human beings.

    I cannot believe that anyone on here is making a joke of this, what if your child or a loved one or you were the one being discriminated against? what if this in fact is not a hoax as it is being called, and truly someone acting out in hatred? What if the people acting out in hatred had went further because of it being tolerated as just a joke?
    Absolutely disgusting to sit here and act this way until this is proven to be “fake” or a “hoax” it should be taken with complete seriousness not the other way around.
    The comments on here are absolutely disgraceful, this is a crime of hatred and vandalism. This has nothing to do with politics and it should be left out. All of this is downright disrespectful and a horrible representation for the entire community.


    Working at UNCG and often in the Library It’s funny that I didn’t hear about this incident until today. Since the News is reporting that a housekeeper found the 6th floor in the library trashed I find it even more funnier since I work in the housekeeping dept.and No one in my dept reported anything wrong in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday. Simply put WOW!

  • Will

    I heard from my teacher that years ago there was a debate about who should have the African American Studies program. A&T or UNCG. UNCG being the liberal arts school won which honestly makes sense but know to see this happen makes you question the arrangement. There is quite a bit of trash talk between the schools but there is a historical bond. No one would have ever imagined anything like that happening the school. This is quite disturbing. It will more than likely come out that some drunken frat boys were put up to it.

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