Former employee of American Cancer Society pleads guilty to embezzlement charges

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Wendy Perdue (Source: Pender Co. Sheriff's Office)

PENDER COUNTY, N.C. —  A former employee with the American Cancer Society accused of taking money from the organization pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges in court Wednesday morning.

According to WECT, Wendy Perdue, 42, of Hampstead, was charged in October with ten counts of embezzlement from the ACS.

As part of the deal, Perdue pleaded guilty to three of those counts.

Authorities say Perdue withdrew money from the ACS checking accounting for personal use, totaling $68,000.

It was reported that Perdue wrote a check for $8,120 for Wilmington Plastic Surgery from the account.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, a plea offer was extended in an effort to resolve the case and restore the money to the ACS.

Perdue will spend the next 25 days in jail and will have to pay restitution of $68,033.21.

She will be on probation after she completes her jail time.

Source: WECT


  • Bobby McCroskey

    Allowing her to plead guilty to 3 counts out of 10 and pay back all the money that was taken is not a sign that the court system is “crooked.” It’s called plea bargaining, and it’s the only way to keep the system functioning. It doesn’t matter whether she’s convicted of 1 count or 10 because she still has to pay back the full amount of restitution. It’s a compromise that’s pretty standard, and in all likelihood it was a compromise reached with the approval of the American Cancer Society. If she had been given a prison sentence, the ACS probably wouldn’t get any restitution. In the future, learn something about the subject matter before you chime in with patently absurd comments.

  • Gwyn Basile

    My sister loss her battle to small cell cancer after 6 mths of fighting. Cancer of America could not help her in any kind of a way her monthly check was only 600 .., I will not give any money to cancer of America … I wish everyone luck that needs them…

  • Debbie

    She will also remain on probation until all the restituation is paid back. The 25 day jail time was too light a sentence for the crime in my opinion though.

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