Davie Co. hopes website will draw in Daniel Boone fans

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Daniel Boone website

MOCKSVILLE — Daniel Boone’s life has been the subject of books, magazine articles and even a goofy TV series.

But will interest in the legendary frontiersmen translate into tourism dollars in Davie County?

Local officials hope so. They are involved in the launch of a mobile-friendly website that will allow Boone fans to explore historical sites while on the road.

“We have a lot of people who stay at our campgrounds, and they love coming to the visitor center to find out what’s going on, and they always ask about Daniel Boone,” said Carolyn McManamy, the president of the Davie County Chamber of Commerce. “It’s something that resonates.”

McManamy is a member of a small, but devoted nonprofit organization — the North Carolina Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, Inc. — that is looking for ways to promote and preserve sites related to Boone’s life in the state.

Boone lived in the area for several years. His parents, Squire and Sarah, and brother, Israel, are buried in Joppa Cemetery in Mocksville.

The website, which was launched in late November, is still in its early phase, and there are plans to make it easier to navigate and more interesting.

McManamy and other counties involved in the effort see Boone as a way to draw people into the county with the hope that they will seek out other sites, such as wineries or Civil War monuments, visit downtown and stop by a restaurant.

“Once we get them here, we want to keep them for awhile,” she said.

The website is here.

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  • Max R. Pardon

    Mr. Boone was said to have stayed at the Clemmons stagecoach house several times riding or accompanying the coach to Salisbury when the county boundary settings were being established around the town, probably how he became involved with Mocksville so much.

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