Walmart to open distribution center in Mebane, create 450 jobs

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Walmart distribution center plans.


ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker announced Tuesday that Walmart Stores, Inc. will open a major perishable grocery distribution center in Alamance County, bringing 450 jobs to the area.

Graham and Mebane officials approved incentives on Monday.

The facility will serve an estimated 123 Walmart retail stores across North Carolina and surrounding states. The company intends to create 450 jobs and invest more than $100 million over the next three years in Mebane.

walmart distribution center“North Carolina continues to be a top choice for companies looking to establish advanced distribution facilities,” said Governor Pat McCrory.“We have the skilled workforce Walmart needs to grow and flourish in North Carolina.”

Walmart has retail general merchandise and grocery stores throughout the United States and in many countries throughout the world.

“We’re committed to promoting economic growth in North Carolina and we know that many of those jobs will come from existing companies like Walmart,” said N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker. “Walmart’s decision to locate in Alamance County is wonderful news for the local community and the entire state.”

Salaries will vary by job function, but the average annual pay for the new jobs will be $35,374 plus benefits. The Alamance County average annual wage is $34,858.

“Walmart’s new distribution center will bring jobs and economic growth to North Carolina and help us maintain the high quality of our produce and other perishable groceries throughout the region,” said Bryan Boudreaux, senior vice president for logistics in Walmart’s Eastern Division.

“Walmart’s decision to locate in Alamance County will greatly expand employment opportunities for this region in North Carolina,” said Senator Rick Gunn. “We applaud the State’s recent tax reform, which opens pathways for employment opportunities for our citizens and the future growth of our businesses.”


  • Mike

    Everyone who has any ties to walmart knows that walmart only hires part time workers, and there is no way the company is going to pay 17.50 an hour to anyone but managers.

  • Tim

    Awesome news. Now the moochers cant complain there are no jobs out there for people in the area and live off us taxpayers monthly! Assuming they actually get out of bed in the morning and apply and not lay on the couch getting fatter off food stamps.

    • Voice of the Masses

      Stereotypes cause pain and hate.

      You assume everyone on governmental assistance is a “moocher”. Why is that? Maybe because you are so older individual who came up during times when the economy was strong, jobs were abundant and everyone in the society at the time “knew their place”. Perhaps you should take a step back and notice that this is 2013 and pay attention to all that is going on in the world at the present time and stop living in the past tense of “how it used to be”. Just my thoughts.

      You should not judge people. Especially if you have never had to walk in the shoes that they at times pray to GOD that they did not have to wear.

  • Same

    A secretive renegade counter-terrorist co-opts the world’s greatest hacker (who is trying to stay clean) to steal billions in US Government dirty money.

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