Walmart distribution center could bring trucking jobs to the area

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Walmart officially announced plans to build a grocery distribution center in Alamance County Tuesday.

The plan would create at least 450 new jobs, but it could also mean more jobs for truck drivers who move the products from our area to stores across the region.

"Being close to my family would be a big perk in the driving industry," said Scott Abdo, a student at Cross Country Truck Driving School.

Abdo is in the process of getting his commercial drivers license, but he says getting into the trucking business means working far from home for most people.

"I know a lot of people who do come out of this area and have to go to other parts of the state, other areas of the state, and also across the country for the training and then to pursue their careers," said Abdo.

That's why people in the transportation industry think a large Walmart distribution center could be a game changer.

"Anytime you go into a Walmart, you aren't going to find a vacant shelf there. It's usually brought there by a truck," said Michael Rangel, an instructor at the truck driving school.

Walmart says they will use their own truck drivers once things are up and running in Alamance County, but they do hire outside shipping firms too in some cases.

The new 440,000 square foot facility could be open for business by 2016.

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  • The Crazy Trucker

    Awesome. That’s a lot of jobs for the area. Plus, more options for Greensboro area drivers. However, we are in a good area. There are many options to get home at least every weekend if you live in or near Greensboro as an over the road trucker after you get at least a year experience.

    You guys that are in trucking school, if you don’t want to be on the road after a year, you will likely have options even before the distribution center opens.

    Also, I posted for free driver success audio right now for Christmas to help you make the best out of your trucking career. It’s mindset coaching which uses a lot of trucking experiences to illustrate many of the points made.

    You can listen to it here
    If you to learn more about the trucking lifestyle check out my website .

    I live in Greensboro

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