Two charged in slaying of Iraq war vet who wanted to buy iPad

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James Vester, who was in the National Guard, leaves behind a wife and 1-year-old son. (Courtesy of Sarah Hill)

INDIANA — Two Indianapolis brothers have been charged in the slaying of an Iraq war veteran who was trying to purchase an iPad through Craigslist, the Marion County prosecutor’s office said.

James Vester, 32, was shot to death Wednesday in an Indianapolis parking lot.

The father of a 1-year-old boy had served 12 years in the Indiana National Guard, including a year in Iraq.

He was a mechanic for the Guard and was a member of the Guard’s ceremonial team, which appears at funerals and special events.

Authorities said Vester was responding to a Craigslist ad when he went to the west side of Indianapolis to purchase the iPad as a Christmas present for a parent.

Tyron Kincade, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18, both of Indianapolis, were charged Monday with murder and robbery.

They were being held without bond in the Marion County Jail. It was unclear Monday evening whether the brothers had legal representation.

Vester’s colleagues in the National Guard said he was a dedicated father and soldier. Friends have started a fundraiser for Vester’s family.

“He had a huge heart and he was the type of person you could depend on,” said Sgt. Maj. Tony Williams of the National Guard.

The Kincade brothers are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning.


  • Reid

    Tyron & Tyshaune…. hmmm… where are Jesse Jackson and all the black leaders that are calling for justice in this matter? Oh wait, the guy was white, so no one cares, my bad.

      • J. Edgar Hoover

        So who did yall blame before Obama?? And who after…lol. Teaparty all over this site…lol. Blind leading the blind.

    • J. Edgar Hoover

      Man yall need to come up with some NEW material…NOBODY listens to Jesse like some of you brainwashed people think…Our REAL leaders were killed off by COINTELPRO…but no one cares, my bad

    • uncgslim85

      I love how every story I read that involves a black person in a crime everybody screams where is Jesse Jackson…maybe he doesn’t show up cause justice will be served and these kids will probably never get out of jail…unlike the Zimmerman or the kid from nc serving 30 days for killing a lady while drunk driving..god bless this guys family and all of you racist hiding behind your computer spreading hate….sad!!

  • FaithC

    Tyron Kincade, 19, and Tyshaune Kincade, 18…from their names I will assume they are brothers of color. Also I will assume they were popped out one a year so their mother could collect more welfare money.

    These scum kill a fine man and for what…a few dollars. They are both old enough for the death penalty, they need to get it.

    • EC

      Idiot. So every story on this site that involves a black peron, according to you, the person has to automatically come from a broken home or on welfare or whatever? Like I’ve said before you LIVE to get behind your computer every day and look for any story you can leave ignorant, racist remarks on. I’m sure you wouldn’t dare say these things to a black person or any other “person of color” as you say, directly. You’re a coward, who uses race as a crutch to justify your ignorance. And yes it is racist to bring up the fact that they were black..what does that have to do with anything? This man lost his life over basically nothing and all yall care about is the race of the men who committed the crime. If it was some white boys that had done this, you wouldn’t be mentioning how they were “sorry white boys on welfare with no dad at home”…race has nothing to do with anything. People of all races commit horrible crimes daily, no need to single out one. But hey I’m sure it makes you feel better and you get a kick out of everyone that “supports” your ignorance.

      • gs

        EC there is no racism here the truth is the truth. If there is a story about white on black crime its race orientated, but if it is black on white crime its just crime. I grew up in a neighborhood that had as many blacks as whites and i am still friends with most of the blacks i grew up with and not so much the whites. Even the guys I grew up with think the younger black generation is giving their race a bad name. They are destroying everything that their parents, grandparents and great grandparents have worked for. So when 90% of the crimes are committed by blacks its not a race issue. Its a race of young people who doesn’t care about everything that their ancestors went through to give them equality.

  • Chucky1992

    How many racist idiots are there posting on these stories. While they might be black, the story didn’t say that they are. My guess would be that the suspects might have shot a black man if he showed up to make the transaction. They didn’t have to know his race to make the arrangements for the “transaction”.

    • Stephen Melton

      How is it racist to state the facts? All you have to do is research it a bit if you want to be 100% sure that the thugs were in fact, black.
      If they had shot a black Vet, and someone brought that point up, would it be racist? Nope..of course not.
      Would it be racist to point out that a simple Google search would point out that the two who committed this act are not strangers to local law enforcement in their area?

  • Meg

    God bless his wife and his son!!! To many people are focusing on color… when we should be focused on the death of an innocent man and the fact that his family has been shattered by senseless crime whether the killers are black, white, asian, hispanic, purple, blue or green wrong is wrong!!!!

  • Blake Pilkenton

    I think all of this racist stuff, economic stuff, and other crime stuff would be solve a lot better if everyone would just get a job. No need to rob people, economy gets pulled out of the ditch somewhat, and you’d be working so you wouldn’t have as much time to be robbing and killing people nor would you have that need. I’m nor left or right I actually have a brain capable of non bias thoughts that go beyond my needs.

  • EC

    GS…how are u missing the racism? I get what you are saying…when I say racism I’m referring to FaithC’s unnecessary comment about their mother “popping out one a year to collect the welfare.” Like I said…that’s IGNORANT and unnecessary.

      • EC

        Sooooo we’re just going to assume that was the case for these brother’s and their family? And that black women are the ones “popping out babies for welfare checks?” I’m in no way trying to stick up for these losers…I’m just saying that all races have people on welfare that try to work the system. It sickens me to see some of the stupid, heartless, ignorant remarks that some people leave on some of these stories. No one here is better than anyone else, myself included. I guess sitting behind a computer is the easiest, “safest,” way for some people to spread their hate.

  • Jenn

    I’m glad they found the scum bags who killed this innocent man. While I agree with some of these posts, I also disagree with some if them as well. It’s not racist to point out that these 2 men are black. That’s a fact. However it is racist to say that they are a product of welfare. I do agree that with the Trayvon martin case, as well as other cases involving a white man who murders a black man, they are instantly calling it hate crimes but when a white man gets murdered by a black man, its just a crime itself. This wasn’t a hate crime but merely a violent crime committed by two black men against a white man. They would’ve killed the man if he was black as well.

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