Suspect sought in sweepstakes robbery in Ruffin

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Surveillance photo

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — Investigators are looking for a person they say stole around $2,300 from a sweepstakes business in Ruffin last month.

According to a Rockingham County Sheriff’s report, the person, wearing  a black hoodie, entered Ruffin Vault, 9570 U.S. 29 Business, around 5 p.m. on Nov. 19.

The cash was taken from the register when an employee stepped away to help a patron at the business.

The suspect appeared to be familiar with the business and seemed to know where the security cameras were located.

Anyone with information about this theft or the suspects involved in asked to call Detective Lori Pegram at 336-634-3232 or Rockingham County Crime Stoppers at 336-349-9683.


  • FaithC

    Most registers today you need to put in a pass code to get into them. Sounds as if someone on the inside is also guilty.

  • Tim

    Was he wearing gloves or something? Should be easy to figure out who this man was just by fingerprinting the register he obviously got into and took money. And why would a store allow a man to walk in wearing a hoody obviously trying to hide his face….store employees should have never allowed him to walk around like a trayvon martin wanna be to begin with….walk lie trayvon, probably die like him too!!

    • Tim

      Given the crime, I am sure this man is not a rookie to crime! Looks like an inside job or something fishy due to a camera at entrance way, but not actually inside the store? What kinds of businesses are run in that county!

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