More deer collisions occur near end of year

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The Wildlife Resources Commission reminds drivers it's the end of deer mating season, so you will likely see more of the animals near roads and highways.

As bucks chase does, deer are not paying attention to you or your car.

Donald Holder is the owner of Aycock Frame and Body Shop in Greensboro.

He said they are getting three or four cars a week related to deer accidents.

"It is good business for all the body shops. It keeps our bills paid and keeps the community going. We are glad none of our customers have been seriously injured. The key is if you see a deer, don't panic," explained Holder.

The Department of Transportation reported more than 20,000 animal-related accidents in 2012. 90 percent of those were involved deer. 50 percent of them happened from October to December.

The DOT report also said Guilford County had the second highest number of deer accidents last year. Overall statewide, these types of accidents decreased over three years.

2013 numbers are not available until next year.

A link to tips on avoiding deer on the road and more stats from the DOT:


  • FaithC

    Driving home last evening I lost count of how many I saw. They were everywhere. None in the road, but you never know when they will take off in your direction. I just slow down and take my time.

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