Former ECU football player killed by brother in Greensboro, police say

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Derek Blacknall (Credit: East Carolina University Athletics)

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Former ECU football player Derek Blacknall has died following a dispute at his Greensboro home on Monday and his brother has been charged with murder, according to police.

Police say Blacknall, 24, and his brother, Darren Broderick Blacknall, 30, both of 1201 Willard St., Greensboro, got into a fight shortly before 10 p.m. Monday.

When officers arrived, they found Derek Blacknall suffering from apparent stab wounds. He was transported to a local medical facility where he was later pronounced dead.

Derek played football for the ECU Pirates between 2008 and 2011, according to The Associated Press.

Lt. T.J. Biffle says Darren Broderick Blacknall has been charged with first degree murder.

No other details were immediately available.


Darren Broderick Blacknall


  • TriggaT420

    To u ignorant mfs that wanna comment dumb $hit keep talking behind closed doors with the comfort of the Internet to hide ur face behind because if anyone who was close to him knew who u were would stab u to death that $hit ain’t no joke this man lost his life and you talking about blacks go kill ur self

    • Keith Wilson

      I agree with you in the fact that ignorant people should keep their mouths shut….but you saying anyone who knew him would come stab you to death………that say’s a-lot about your own mindset. This man probably died over “words” Too many people go insane over mere “words” almost like it’s an excuse for violence.

    • Stephen Melton

      Always help to make a point when you threaten those in a way that no one can understand….English…it helps to be at least able to spell.
      I think this posters words say enough about those that were involved….

  • Marjory Mitchell Houston

    What difference does it make? White, black,red or green. There is a young man deceased and a mother & family mourning not to say what will happen to the other son. I pray God put His arms around this family and give them knowledge of His goodness and peace. Such a foolish argument – a football game?? May God help us all!

  • Mary Ann burns

    i am very sorry for the loss of such a great guy and may god be with the family and help them through such a hard and trying time may god bless you

    Mary Ann burns

  • mimi

    Typically,LIFE is to short for foolishness we all need to step back and look at our on lives and appreciate the time god gives us on earth. We need to pray for one another at this day in time because KNOW ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL and the ones who are KNOW longer here. A WORD FOR THE WISE be blessed and aware….

  • Beautyneverfades88

    People on here are so dumb I hate how they can post the most heartless things not taking into consideration families have lost a loved one maybe you need to think about it as being your family your brother, cousin, friend or any other loved one.

  • elizabeth

    Such a shame that a life was taken. Doesn’t matter the reason or color. A young man that was making something of himself passed. I pray for that mother who lost 2 sons today. Crime is rampid these days and it breaks my heart that could have been any of us or our family. I will be praying for the family.



  • Anita

    I am so sorry for the family of these men..May God wrap His arms around them and comfort them through this..My heart breaks for them..Heartache is the same in every race..

  • dawoo

    The days and time were living in is dangerous these were brother’s they eat sleep. in the same house this didn’t just happen like people think its been going on for some time who knows but the family its sad and race has nothing to do with it a fight broke out when white kids bring guns to School and kill innocent kids what do you call that crazy

  • Lisa Woods

    I wish people would watch what they say when they don’t know nothing about the individual… Derek Blacknall was a wonderful person who life was cut short due to the devil being busy.. I remember in high school he would make my day when I was down… He was goofy handsome and somebody special… But GOD wanted his ANGEL back .. Rest In Peace Dimples

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