Lack of farm bill threatens dairy prices

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Milk could double in price if congress fails to pass a new farm bill by Jan. 1. The old bill expires at the end of the year that could double the price of dairy and trickle down to other products.

“It all runs downhill,” said Jerry Turner with Just Pizza in Gibsonville where they use between 600 to a thousand pounds of cheese a month. “Eventually everybody has to compensate their losses and for a prime example we use to do free home delivery and because of gas prices we have to charge for that.”

The original legislation passed in 1949 expired last year with congress approving a one year extension. Now that extension is up and it has many dairy farmers concerned.

“It’s going to hurt us,” said Doug Sockwell with Riverside Dairy in Gibsonville. “If it does double in the store the consumers are not going to buy it.”

Lawmakers say a new deal isn’t expected till sometime after the deadline expires.


  • Mark Stabler

    If the government stopped subsidizing milk prices the number of milk producers would dramatically increase due to the increase in milk prices. Then the prices would level off based on supply and demand. However, everyone knows it is the govenment’s responsiblity to regulate everything in everyone’s life. They must detemine the price of all commodities. Buy it and throw or give it away to keep the price high or low…whatever they want to do. The rich farmers get richer and the poor farmer isn’t even allowed to have cows or grow certain crops.

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