Indictment: Union Co. boy’s finger broken, burned with electrical wire

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Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson, both 57, and of Union County, were arrested and charged in the incident.

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A Union County couple has been indicted after a child was found handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied around his neck.

Former Department of Social Services supervisor Wanda Larson is charged with child abuse.

According to WSOC, Larson’s husband Dorian Harper is accused of breaking the 11-year-old boy’s finger.

The indictment says neither Larson nor Harper took him to see a doctor after it happened.

It was reported that documents also show he was burned with an electrical wire and assaulted with a knife.

They even kept a steel railroad track in his bedroom they would handcuff him to.

Officials said the conditions uncovered in Larsons’ home are appalling.

Larson was fired from her job as a Union County Department of Social Services supervisor on Nov. 22.

Larson had worked for Union County DSS since March 2003.

She was promoted twice, most recently in December 2009 to Child Protective Services supervisor assigned to the investigative unit.

Her salary was set at more than $54,000.

Source: WSOC


  • Becky

    All this & she worked for Child Protective Services?Glad my kids don’t live near her.God will have his way w/them.Their time is coming.

  • Diamond Dukes

    Don’t care if the piece of trash is white or black. she is trash. anyone that would abuse a child is trash. So how many of her cases did she take a payoff from the people not to turn them in. they need to be checking on those children too. This isn’t right. I say life would be a good sentence. that low class trash and her man has scared this child for life.

  • Bill Jackson

    Am I reading this correctly? Cause it looks like this bi*** was doing what she persecuted others for?
    I wonder if it was a slow month and if she thought she could meet her quota by arresting herself?

  • Angela

    This really pisses me off – a supervisor over abused kids – For real???? This woman needs to have her finger broken tied up with a chicken around her neck then burn her with the electrical wire. Then after this has been done they need to put plastic bags over her windows and put her in the filth she had those kids living in.

  • Suzanne

    With CPS leaders like this, I can certainly understrand how kids continue to be abused & neglected by families without being reported….$54,000 a year…

  • r.n.

    my wife and I have been fighting social services for our grandchild. we have had her 19 of the 25 months she has lived. the parents both have been in and out of jail we have had her the last 9 months continuously, and they have not even tried to come see her. mother just got out of jail and went to rehab for heroin use, now she is out and wants us to surrender the child and social services is saying it is ok to give her back…. but we refuse. and the law is on their side because they say there was no abuse to the child since we have her in our possession. oh, and by the way neither one has a car…. a drivers license…. a job or a stable place to live….so you tell me what social services is thinking????? no wonder our kids are so screwed up!!!!!! S.S. just waiting for Friday for that pay check and not for the childs well being

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