Arizona couple charged after dispute over hash browns

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MESA, Ariz. -- An Arizona couple has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct after arguing with McDonald's employees and throwing food at them.

According to ABC15, the husband and wife claimed their breakfast order was missing hash browns so they confronted the managers at the local McDonald's.

“It’s a meal,” said Nova. “Just like you should get fries with your hamburger, we should have got our hash browns with our breakfast sandwiches.”

She says they refused to give her hash browns or her money back, and that's when she threw her food in their direction.

Three people, including an employee, a customer and Michael, all called 911.

McDonald's admit their employees made a mistake, but say they were trying to fix the situation when a bag of food was thrown in their direction.

They say an employee was hit in the arm which is why the couple is being charged with assault.

Source: ABC15


  • Tues.

    There is a holiday story to tell at the dinner table. How sad is it that they felt they had the right to throw anything at anybody. People have totally lost it.

  • chucky1992

    Over a hash brown? A MCDONALD”S HASH BROWN?! Really? They deserved to be charged. If you don’t get your hash brown and the people won’t give you one there are other ways to take care of that. Order one and pay for it, keep your receipts and take pictures if you feel it’s necessary then call corporate and complain. They will give you a free replacement “meal”. Instead, you go behind the counter and end up assaulting employees and getting charged. Now which costs more? Stupid people.

  • Mark holmgren

    People feel its acceptable to resort to violence when they don’t get what they want, instead of reasoning it out and having a little compassion. The couple basically asked for this……I feel sorry for the employees who had to put up with this. No wonder companies find it difficult to keep good employees, when they have to put up with aggressive and rude customers.

  • jd

    White people invented the food fight but the bigger point to me, Why a McDonalds employee making minimum wage would want to argue with a customer over a hash-brown in the first place.

  • dewey

    I’ve gone into a McDonalds after sitting there waiting on fries and pushed my watered down drinks across the counter and onto the floor only because when I came in for my fries after sitting there waiting for nearly 20 minutes, they acted as though they had no idea who I was….at the Mickey D’s on Reynolda…been a few years

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