Airline asks passengers what they want for Christmas, delivers gifts at baggage claim

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In a video guaranteed to make you smile, Canadian airline WestJet fulfilled Christmas wishes for its passengers following a recent flight.

Prior to takeoff, a virtual Santa Claus asked passengers at the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports what they wanted for Christmas. Once they boarded their flight to Calgary, the WestJet team went on a shopping spree.

Over 150 WestJet employees played the part of Santa’s elves, purchasing and wrapping dozens of presents that were delivered to shocked passengers at baggage claim.

WestJet posted about the event on their blog:

In early August, we sat down with our friends at studio m and started brainstorming what ‘giving’ looked like at its best. We wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year, and can’t be everywhere. So we did what WestJetters do best, and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests..

WestJet promised they will donate flights to needy families if the advertisement reached 200,000 views on YouTube. It currently has almost 1.1 million views.


  • Kevin Boerio

    My Christmas wishes for this year is. Being that I’m disabled and on a fixed income. I wish that my 1,000 dollar debit. That I owe to Cleveland state university would be finally paid in full. I wish I could get enough money that I need to finish my last two classes.That I need to take to complete my degree at my college. So, that I can finally sign up for the last two classes.That I need to complete my degree in English and Theater arts. I wish that I could be able to get out of the credit card debit I owe that is a total of $10,000.Which is between three different credit cards. I wish that I could finally get my car repaired that needs over 2,500 to get it finally fix. Because it has a bad motor and a bad lifter. Or I wish I would be able to get a new car that is more dependable and reliable. So, that I can go to my doctors that I need to stay healthy for my illness and my disabilities. My final wish is. I wish that I could be able to go to Florida to spend this time over the holidays with my family. Who lives in Florida in the winter for the holiday. So I do not have to spend Christmas and new year alone without my family.

  • ruth

    My wish is that my son which is stationed in Germany , in the Air Force could come home for Christmas and college tution money for my other son for the next semester! Merry Christmas everyone..Westjet giving those presents to passengers was a wonderful idea, I’m sure each and everyone appreciated them!! May God bless!

  • Dave S

    Next article that you read will be people begging this airline for help or criticizing them for only doing this for 2 plane loads

  • Carol Dempsey

    My heart goes out to all of you that did this wonderful thing for strangers. I just wish there were more people like you out there. This is for my sister Penny. She could really use a new dryer or kitchen stove. I have help her as much as I can but I had to retire early and will not be able to help as much. She works at Walmart so we all know that she doesn’t make much. Her husband passed away several years ago from cancer and she has had a really hard time trying to keep her home, so anything you can do to help her would be wonderful. She would NEVER ask anyone for anything. Bless each and everyone of you.

  • R.H. Mayo

    Brought tears to my eye,swhat a wonderful thing to do. The only thing I want for Christmas is to have enough money for gas, so I can see my family. A washer and dryer would be nice,so I wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat

  • Julie atkins

    That brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful memory! ESPECIALLY FOR THE KIDS! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! There is still kindness and joy in giving! I’m from the US but Canada seems to be an Awesome place. Hope to visit somtime.

  • Lauren

    God bless you! Beautiful xxx my daughter is in the US and I will miss her on Xmas day. Thankyou for making me smile x

  • Odille

    Very sweet, it bought tears to my eyes as well, although hard to believe, we flew Westjet on our holiday to the Dominican in November, had breakfast, left for the airport at noon, got on the plane late afternoon, by the time the cart went by row 12, there were no sandwiches, cheese and fruit, actual food, that are on the menu for a price. This was a 4 hour flight. All they could offer were pretzels, pringles, and twizzlers, at a price!!! I find that quite interesting. Lets not feed our customers but we can afford to surprise a few select passengers with tv’s, iphones, camera’s etc….Having said that, I didn’t starve, my reserves were well replenished after a one week all inclusive holiday ….I hope they come through and help some in need….

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