More problems reported for people getting food stamps

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- A Rockingham County family says they are struggling to feed their kids because of an unreliable state computer program.

The new NC FAST computer system in North Carolina has resulted in delayed food stamps in cities all over the Triad for months.

Cierra and Tyler Lindsey live in Reidsville and are both in community college, hoping to graduate soon and get jobs.

In the meantime they rely on SNAP benefits, food stamps, from the state to help feed their two young sons.

"I was supposed to get food stamps on the third," explained Cierra, who keeps calling Social Services for answers. "I still haven't gotten them."

The voicemail there hasn't offered much information, she said. "It pretty much says we've been having problems with our system for months... and they don't have a timetable of when you're going to get them."

Tyler added, "My food stamps have been late pretty much constantly since August, September... I'm just tired of going through the struggle month to month and pretty much tired of seeing other people struggle, too."

Cierra is pregnant and worried about her nutrition as she struggles to buy enough food for her family. "I'm nine months pregnant. I can't live off pantry food. I have a 7 and 9 year old. How am I supposed to be like- well, you can't eat today or you can only eat ravioli?"

They are thankful for the food stamps they receive, but wish there was more warning when the money was going to be delayed.

The SNAP benefit problems put more pressure on community agencies helping the unemployed and homeless.

Ophelia Brown with the Reidsville Soup Kitchen said, "We have new faces coming in on account of the food stamp problem. They tell me about the food stamps- some of them cut off, some cut back, and most don't get them anymore at all."

She tries to help when she can. "If they say they don't have food at home, I try to fix them a little small bag so they'll have something to eat that night."

For families like the Lindseys, the holidays are even harder.

"We have to eat and Christmas is going to be limited," Tyler said slowly. "No one wants to try to explain that to a child."

Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Ricky Diaz says legally he is not allowed to discuss specific cases, but promised to pass the Lindseys' information to the NC FAST troubleshooting team to help.


  • Tired of dumb people

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    • Ang

      I bet you could protect this country by playing your modern warfare 2 on your ps3 right? Did you take an oath? If you don’t support our military please feel free to stand in front of them. Very sad that you have such little education that you have resorted to name calling LOL Hope it gets better for you :-)

  • Ang

    And I wonder why the government spends so much?? Planned parenthood wic food stamps welfare section 8 etc etc etc :-/ All free programs for people who would rather get it for free

  • Tired of dumb people

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  • Tired of dumb people

    Name calling? I called you a hypocrite yes , my little brothers in the military , who said I didn’t support it? And who said I play games? I don’t even own a game system because video games don’t feed my family . Who said I’m not educated? Woman you have got some major issues , your not better than anyone getting government assistance. One day you will be in need . And did you even read my post?

    • Ang

      That’s funny I read the word dummy as well? I don’t have issues I just have learned to WORK for everything I have. Did you even read my posts???? I have been there!! I have not eaten to feed my kids I’ve been there! Hello!!?? I have to go to WORK now something maybe you should do as well. Have a great day and a Merry Christmas

  • Tired of dumb people

    Dummy was a observation. And you do have many issues . I just hope your children don’t turn out like you. And what part of I work three jobs did you not read? I’m on my lunch break lol

      • Tired of dumb people

        What’s rude is beating down a family who was brave enough to put their hardships on the news for the world to see . All I’m doing is standing up to a bully.

      • Nelda P

        This person Ang sounds like they are stating their opinion as you. It sounds like you are being a bully too. As old as I am it is pretty petty to fight over something like this over the internet and be so dishearted and rude to one another. You are being no better. Everyone has their right to voice their opinion it doesn’t mean we all have to agree. I think everyone is going through some sort of hardship right now.

      • Tired of dumb people

        I understand what you are saying , I wasn’t even gonna say anything . But after it got over 60 posts long and all it was doing was putting the family down more and more , people got so full of themselves it makes me angry. I just don’t understand why people have to down other people because they ask for help. If anything at least they did ask for assistance instead of letting them do without. I’m a huge human rights supporter and hate to see someone being ridaculed , and the story was supposed to be about problems with the system .

  • Tired of dumb people

    And to the family that was in the clip , keep your head up. Your doing nothing wrong. Lots of people need assistance in hard times. Once you both earn your degrees just prove them wrong and pay it forward. Once you get back on your feet and no longer need any assistance , help someone else in need . Good for you for going to school to better yourselves and your family . Have a great holiday !

  • david

    Tired of dumb people you hit it dead on the do u bash a family going through hardship on something the govt provides. All we can do is either help and/or pray. Foodstamps are no differ from “give a kid a coat” or toys for tots

  • monique

    9 months pregnant and you cant feed the two that you have now. that should tell you something cierra and your baby daddy. in schoool, whop de-doo. what pays your bills every month? just wondering? because you cant rely on the government every month to take care of you and your family

  • smh

    Its really sad when people are trying to better themselves, and all a bunch of you can do is talk down on them. Don’t get me wrong I work and have ALWAYS worked. I have 3 children myself and I still need assistance. Wait until something drastic happens and you find yourself in need of assistance, then come back and comment.

  • Missingthepoint

    Ang I don’t know how you have time to work with all of these comments. I am a teacher and single mother of two. I have not received child support in 3 months. I applied for food stamps in October and have yet to receive acceptance or denial. It seems they are still processing my application. (And yes, I’m pretty sure I will qualify even as a full time teacher). If I didn’t have my family’s help then there is no way we could survive. I can’t afford child care period. The point of this article was to show how NC Fast (what irony!) and its problems are seriously affecting people in real need. If the food stamps program were a broken bridge in the Outer Banks, (vacation property of the rich), then maybe something would get done about it.

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