First Med employees in Wilmington find out they are jobless on Facebook

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — Employees of First Med in Wilmington said they were not allowed into work on Saturday morning, and news of the company shutdown was announced on social media.

According to WECT, their suspicions were confirmed after they saw the news on Facebook.

The door codes of the First Med office in downtown Wilmington had been changed and the employees had been locked out of their computers.

As of Sunday night, the employees still had not gotten a formal call letting them know that the company had ceased operations.

More than 50 employee were reported to be left jobless.

They say not only are they concerned about losing their jobs around the holidays, but are also concerned about the patients who depend on them for dialysis treatments.

It was reported that a spokesperson for the company says the official policy of the company is that they have “ceased operation.”

Source: WECT


  • FaithC

    What Is wrong with people? They could not have been honest and upfront with these employees and let them no they were closing and they would be out of work. Unemployment can take u to 6 weeks to get. I feel sorry for these people.

  • Mark Stabler

    It would be nice if the media did a little digging, like they use to, and find out who owns this company and if they own other facilities in North Carolina. People might not want to do business with individuals and companies that treat their employees in this manner. However, many media people are fired in the same manner, with no notice and an escort out of the facility.

    • FaithC

      If you are looking for investigative reporting, you will not find it with Fox8 news, that is for sure. If you want a news source that gives half the story, very seldom follows up and will censor any comment they do not agree with, then you are in the right place.

  • Toni Wiker

    Meanwhile our government is completely focused on the benefits of begging unknown companies to come work here. They give our tax dollars away to lure them, and they do this. But try to open a small, mom & pop business and you’re told there’s no money for those ventures. Disgusting.

  • formerfmems

    The company closed down all operations in VA, NC, SC, OH, WV, Ky without notice last Friday, Dec 6. According to some employees who were contacted, the company cited bankruptcy as the reason. However, as of Monday afternoon, no such bankruptcy was recorded. The situation did not have to end this way. Read on:

    This mess came about after Enhanced Equity, a group of private equity investors hired a firm to conduct due diligence on proposed OH acquisitions which the company later completed. The firm mis-judged the per run costs and revenue by a long shot. Original First Med founders discovered the miscalculation when real data was available the following year and created a workable plan to fix the mess created by the (lack) of due diligence. Shortly thereafter, Enhanced Equity chose to hire Bryan Gibson as CEO and dismissed the original founders. Trace Gibson’s history on Linked-In, etc… and the story speaks for itself while the original founders have a great record for both patient and employee care.

    The question that should be investigated is: Do current executives stand to benefit from this bankruptcy personally for the CEO’s own company in Al at the expense of all loyal First Med EMS employees, patients and customers?

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