Financial shortfall forces Bennett College to close dorm

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Bennett College (Facebook photo)

GREENSBORO — Bennett College’s financial problems have claimed another casualty — a dorm.

The college said late Friday it will close one of its five residence halls to save money.

According to the News and Record, the college said Nov. 22 it was laying off nine of about 200 employees to help close a budget gap of about $2.9 million.

The budget shortfall is the result of a decline in enrollment, according to the paper.

A college spokeswoman said that Bennett based its annual budget on enrollment of 668 students. Only 613 students enrolled this fall.

It was reported that Bennett requires first- and second-year students to live on campus. The college says about 80 percent of its students live in the dorms.

Source: News and Record


  • FaithC

    First and second year student have to live in the dorms…I guess enrollment is down because you can’t bring your baby to the dorm with you

  • fed up

    raleigh has cut off the gravy train. those eveeel repubs!

    now keep raising tuition and fees like all colleges do. i’m sure this will help make up for the shortfall. lol

  • TeeTee

    FaithC, please get a life, and stop putting people down. This article doesn’t have anything to do with people bringing their babies to live in the dorms. This article is about the shortfall that all colleges are facing. Grow up and do your research before you put people down. Bennett College prepares young women from all over the country, whether black or white for the future. Get a life!!!

    • ZW

      I agree, FaithC needs to get a life. I have watched this lady comment on almost every article on this website, and in each article she has put someone down. Rather it be Fox 8 or the people in the article. If you dislike the website or dislike the news that is being reported, then please get off of the website.

      • FaithC

        Wow I can’t believe you find me so interesting you stalk me and pay attention to what I say. LOL

        It is all 99% bad news, should I feel sorry and say nice things about criminals. LOL

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