Greensboro officials trying to bring Boeing plant to the Triad

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Boeing is looking at Greensboro for a potential place to put one of their plants. The plant would build the company's first ever 777x jet.

Greensboro is one of about 40 cities on the company's radar. If Greensboro is chosen, Boeing would bring anywhere from 1,500 to 8,000 jobs to the city.

"This has potential to be the largest game changer the Piedmont Triad region has ever seen," explains Zack Matheny, Greensboro City Councilman.

Matheny says Greensboro's resume has what it takes to land this massive project.

"The number one thing that companies look for is what kind of workforce can they hire and how much workforce is trained workforce. I think the other thing is having enough land to build upon and the third thing that puts North Carolina and our region at top is that it’s a right to work state," Matheny said.

In addition to Greensboro, Boeing is also looking at Charlotte and Kinston in North Carolina.

The potential site would take over at least a couple hundred acres at Piedmont Triad International Airport. City leaders assure they're doing whatever they can to get Boeing to choose Greensboro.

Boeing representatives say they will be receiving proposals from cities within the next week. The company is expected to make their final decision at the start of 2014.


  • timco

    Let’s try to get another company here that will abuse the tax incentives like Fedex. Fedex got Greensboro to move Bryan Bvld. and State tax incentives to open a HUB in Greensboro. Fedex has not added a single extra flight since opening the HUB and only a few new jobs. Fedex is still operating the same number of flights going in and out of GSO since before the HUB was built. That really helped out the job situation in Greensboro, so let’s repeat the same mistake again.

    • fedex

      Seriously, you are saying fedex was a bad idea? If it wasn’t for them opening that hub and forcing the third runway Greensboro would have never gotten HondaJet. Just look at how many opportunities that third runway provides. Kinston was in the running for Hondajet but only has one runway. They might not have supplied numerous jobs like promised but thwy have definitely made this area grow. Boeing is a manufacturing job which is desperately needed in this area. Those jobs are guaranteed seeing how those are their most popular aircraft.

  • timco

    When did Hondajet ever say they needed a third runway to pick a city for their factory? Runway 32/14 is 6380 ft., That is long enough for Hondajet to takeoff at max weight, so Hondajet didn’t need a third runway built. Fedex promised almost 1500 jobs and hasn’t added but about 50 jobs since it opened the new HUB. They proposed to have 90 flights a day. They now only have about 10 flights a day in and out of the HUB, that’s same number of flights they had before they opened the new HUB. The new runway cost taxpayers 120 million dollars and gets used a couple of times a day. The new runway was built for FEDEX and they aren’t using it, So I consider that a waste of taxpayers money.

  • fedex

    Hondajet flys in numerous parts using FedEx and will be flying more in once production picks up. The FedEx hub in and of itself brings incentive for future companies to locate to the area. Ask Ruger who will be shipping parts and finished product.

  • timco

    If Fedex is flying in so many more packages for companies in the Triad, why haven’t they added any flights or more jobs. When a company takes tax incentives to add jobs to an area, then the company should provide those jobs or be required to pay back the tax incentives. The incentives aren’t based on what companies you might bring to the area in 10 years. Just ask Dell, atleast they payed their tax incentives back when they failed to provide more jobs.

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